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The first Islam Guide has been released in Spain

Spanish government has released the first official Islam and Muslims Guide, as a booklet. According to the news from Information Communication Center “Islam Online”, the booklet published via Immigrant Ministry of Spain, contains some information about the population of the Muslims in Spain and the conditions of the masjids and mosques.  According to the information provided in the booklet, one million 300 thousand Muslims, from Pakistan, Senegal, Algeria and Marrakesh, are living in Spain. The city of Catalonia, where 300 thousand Muslims live, is on top of the list in terms of the density of Muslims, and the city of Andalusia has the second place with 120 thousand Muslims. In Madrid, the capital city of Spain, there are about 80 thousand Muslims.

It has also been declared in the booklet that there are 400 masjids and worship places in Spain. These are generally small buildings, however, among those buildings there are 13 structured and big Islamic Centers. Since 1967 Islam has been recognized as the second official religion in Spain with the regulations of the legislation on the sectarian freedom.

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