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Talgat Musabayev: "An astronaut can not be an atheist"

Talgat Musabeyev, the head of Kazakh National Space Agency is a Turkish astronaut who captained the spaceship that carried the first space tourist American Denis Tito.

He shared his feelings to Cihan News Agency about the most striking experiences that he had in the space. He expressed his feelings by saying  “An astronaut can not be an atheist.”

He gave details about his space jouneys which the first one started in 1994 and said that he could not keep himself from exclaiming that Allah is the All-Mighty, All–Powerful when he was in the space.

Musabayev told that he grew up during the Soviet Regime and stated that “People who grow up in atheist societies need to see tangible proofs to believe in Allah. However, when i was in the space, i concluded that:  Space is the most convincing proof of human beings to believe in Allah and it teaches us a very important spiritual lesson.”

Musabayev also told that he carries the Holy Qur’an with him during his journeys to the space.

Bugun, 14 February 2010

Timeturk, 14 February 2010

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