Evolution Hoax

Dr. Anjeanette Roberts:Why it is important to oppose Darwinism

Well, I think that it is important in this respect that many people who espouse Darwinism believe that it squeezes out any room for faith or belief in God. So I think, from a Christian perspective, that would be one response that I would give. But also from a scientific perspective, I would say that Darwinism as a theory for explaining the entire history and diversity of life on Earth is actually not well evidenced on the scientific data. And it's primarily driven by philosophical commitment to naturalism, which is that same commitment that stands in opposition to a belief in God or can stand as an opposition to a belief in God. And so I think from a scientific perspective it still has major hurdles to overcome before it shows itself to be a sound theory, if it can ever achieve that. And as a Christian I think that it poses some theological route blocks for people to coming to faith in God and to just accepting the supernatural as part of the reality which we all live. I would say that those are the major reasons that I would oppose Darwinism.

2017-07-14 15:40:17

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