Evolution Hoax

Dr. Fazale Rana: The Eye in Octopi and Squid Is Very Similar to Human Eye, What Does This Tell Us

That´s an excellent question, because to me the idea that we have identical designs that show up in organisms that are not related to each other or distantly related to each other in an evolutionary sense is deeply problematic to the evolutionary paradigm, because given the nature of evolution's mechanisms - unguided, undirected, historically contingent - it should never repeat or if it repeats it should be very rare. But the example of the eye in octopi and squid, that's identical to the vertebrate camera eye, is just one example what is called convergence. There are many many many examples. In my book “The Cell's Design” I document over a hundred instances of convergence in biochemical systems. There is no way that level of convergence should be present if evolution is the way to explain the diversity of life. For me, convergence represents a failed prediction of the evolutionary paradigm. It is one reason why I think it's completely reasonable to reject evolution as an explanation for life.

2017-07-16 23:13:42

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