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The Netherlands is seeking religious officers to appoint in the army

An advertisement that was published in some newspapers show that Western military armies give great importance to religious personnel.The advertisement that covered a photo of a praying soldier in its content, emphasized that religious people are required for the army. In the advertisement that was given to Metro Newspaper by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence and the Office of Commander in Chief included that the Military will guaranty to  meet every need of the religious personnel. Another photo showing that the military personnel is performing prayer in a modern room was also included in the announcement while the Military expressed that it always provides the people from various religions  to live together in their home (army)  and it has the duty to respect what the holy is.

It is also stated in the announcement which aimed the Muslims specially, that the Military is active for 24 hours to meet the religious needs of the personnel including the halal  food (Muslim food) service at the staff canteen. Herewith the statements that were also placed in the announcement;

 “Our people do not only work together, but also live together.”

“Although these people are different in their faiths and life philosophies, religious scholars and  special assistants are on duty for them (to help them if they need in performing their religious practices) in the army.

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