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Iftar Dinner given by Army of the Netherlands

The fifth anniversary of the Iftar dinner (fast breaking dinner) that has become a tradition in the Netherlands was hosted by Royal Navy at Van Ghentkazerne Quarter in Rotterdam.  Vice presidents of Land, Fleet and Air Forces Commands and the soldiers from various ranks as well as some civilian personnel participated in the Iftar dinner.
The iftar began with Qur’an recitation. Zam-zam water and dates were served to the guests and also everybody stood in silence homage for the dead.

Captain Ruud Hard, the Commander of the Quarter, gave a welcome speech to the guests.

Major General Ton van Ede, representing Fleet Forces Command, explained that the Iftar dinner was organized in order to feel the Ramadan spirit together with the Muslim personnel and stated; “Ramadan involves the themes of understanding others who have tough times as well as realizing oneself and having a discipline. These values concern us all.  If one practices one of these moral values and fasts, we should respect him.”

Additionally Major Suat Aydın who has been working at General Staff Office of the Netherlands as a moral guide, expressed that he can practice his religious duties quite comfortably. Major Aydın also added that Muslim Soldiers increased in number in the Netherlands, so in parallel with this, they get the permission of opening five mosques at separate military posts.

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