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Germany"s President Christian Wulff: We took Concrete Steps to Train Imams

German President Christian Wulff stated that some concrete steps were taken to establish institutions to train imams (Muslim religious leader in a Mosque) in order to allow Muslim children, who live in Germany, to receive religious education.

President Wulff, who participated in a ceremony at St Paul Church, replied the questions of the press. Wulff explained that the government does its utmost to ensure Muslims practice their religion and said: “We took all of the precautions to enable religious freedom. We believe religious freedom is a fundamental right.”

Wulff also emphasized that German people and Turkish People are fond of each other and stated: “For that matter, I believe this will come true in unity. I also believe that everyone will be able to fulfill his/her religious duties properly in everywhere.”

2010-10-22 00:00:00

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