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Permit granted to construct two mosques in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen City Council has approved the building of two new mosques. One for Shia Muslims and one for Sunni Muslims.

The mosque for Shia Muslims will be built in the city’s North West district on Vibevej Street. According to the local plans, the building will contain a prayer room, amphitheatre, conference room, library and accommodation for visiting imams. The mosque will also feature two 32m tall minarets with a blue dome.

The mosque for Sunni Muslims will be built on Amager near the University of Copenhagen by the MFR (Muslim Council of Denmark) organization. World famous achitectural firm Bjarke Ingerls Group will handle the construction. The mosque is said to be one of the most beautiful prayer places in Europe with an extraordinary modern architectural style.

The mayor for Technology and the Environment, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, believes that the Muslim population of Copenhagen have the right to build "proper" mosques.

“We have freedom of religion in Denmark, and there are more than 50,000 Muslims in Copenhagen. It is only natural that we ensure the freedom for Muslims, and for anyone else, to practice their religion. The ability to practice various religions is a part of a modern metropolis.” says Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard.

2011-01-21 00:00:00

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