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Muslim Population in Scandinavia multiplied by two within the last Decade

Pew Research Center based in USA reported that the number of Muslims living in Scandinavia has multiplied by two within the last ten years. According to the research, the Muslim population in Denmark multiplied by two since 1990, while it has been increased by 200 percent in Sweden and more than 160 percent in Norway.

It has been also discovered that interest in Islam in Denmark has increased swiftly. According to the Pew Research, the number of Muslims living in Denmark was around 226 thousand in 2010 which was twice the number of the year 1990 when the Muslim population was 109 thousand.

The research results announced that Sweden has the most increasing Muslim population. Within the last two decades, the number of Muslims living in Sweden has increased by 200 percent while in Norway the increase has been reported to be as much as 166 percent.

The research also displayed that the increase of the Muslim population in Denmark is much more than some of the countries. It is estimated that the number of Muslims will double all over the world in 2030 while the number of Muslims that made up one fifth of the world’s population in 1990 will reach one fourth of the total world’s population in 2030.

Another striking finding of the research is; the increase of the number of Muslims is not based on the population increase in the countries that have Muslim majorities but on the increase in the number of Muslims in the countries that had non-Muslim majorities.

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