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The sermons are recited in three languages at Tokyo Mosque

Muslims gather in Japan, the remotest point of Asia, in Ramadan, the holy month of Islam.

Muslims living in Tokyo, Japan, gather at Tokyo Mosque and Turkish Culture Center.

Tokyo Mosque"s and Turkish Culture Center"s Imam (Muslim religious leader in a mosque), Ensair Yenturk, tells that Tokyo Mosque not only serves as a place of worship but at the same time social activities are carried out there as a culture center.

Yenturk states that they have been hosting fast breaking dinners for 150 people every day since last year and particularly Turkish meals are served there. He says non-Muslim Japans also attend fast-breaking dinners.

At the mosque the sermons are made in Japanese, Turkish and English and non-Muslim Japans attend particularly the Friday sermons.

Tokyo Mosque was constructed by Turkey in the Ottoman-Turkish architecture and one of the unique works of art in architectural sense.

Yeni Safak, 11 August 2011

Zaman, 12
August 2011

Yeni Safak, 12
August 2011

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