Evolution Hoax

Former advisor to late President Nixon states: 'I found the solution within Islam.'

Professor Robert (Farooq) D. Crane, Former advisor to late US President Richard Nixon and former Deputy Director of US National Security Council, is among the Americans who are eager to learn more about Islam and the Qur’an especially after 9/11 and thus embrace Islam. Professor Crane changed his name as Farooq Abdul Haq when he became a Muslim. He told that he has been thinking God as the Only One since his childhood. Professor Crane explained that his brother who is a member of US Congress has also embraced Islam and stated; “I found the solution within Islam. I made deep research and finally figured out that the Qur’an involves pure belief in God. After 9/11, many people in US embraced Islam because they made research on Islam and found out the true face of Islam. Also, the number of Islamic Cultural Centers gets increased and the 14% of the country’s mosques are located within the university campuses in US.” 

2012-09-24 00:07:39

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