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President Gül Hosts an Iftar Meal for the Families of Martyrs and Wounded Veterans

 July 19th, 2013: Bugün

Speaking at an iftar meal for the families of martyrs and wounded veterans, our President said:

“You are the most worthy of all the guests who have come here to date. You give your most valued possessions to this country. If you desire anything, you can forward it to everyone, district governors, heads of security departments and governors, wherever you go after here. They will regard your wishes as commands. We are at your command.”




Harun Yahya TV:  August 22nd, 2009




Adnan Oktar: The families of martyrs are luminous. Let me say that right away. For example, we ask a martyr, “Why were you martyred?” “For Allah’s sake,” he will say. “The motherland, the nation, the flag and the land,” he will say. “The communists attacked my nation’s honor, character, religion, faith, land, motherland and flag. They were attacked by the godless and bookless. I went and gave up my life for God,” he will say. And we will give him our goods and possessions and all we have for those on the path of God. Never, ever abandon them. That is a terrible disgrace. Is it not? The fathers of martyrs there must be like sheikhs. We must feel love for them. Is that not right? We must regard them as guides. You must talk and pray with the families of the martyrs. The families of martyrs must not be abandoned. But [it must be done] without making them feel troubled or uneasy.

Başkent TV:  March 6th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, just to show respect and kindness. Because God has not bestowed this fine test on us, He has bestowed that fine test on them. So this is a fine character they have. Let us strive with all our might. Letting the veterans just sit at home and forgetting about them is no good. Let us kiss the foreheads of the families of martyrs wherever we see them. Let us show respect to the families of martyrs. Let us ensure that our nations supports them with all its might. What a great honor. The mothers and fathers of martyrs should be given their own medals. We must embrace them wherever we see them.  Everyone should invite them into their homes … 



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