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Mr Erdogan: A Muslim never says a negative prayer for other Muslims

What He Said?What Happened?

December 23rd, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Every person could commit a sin. It is wrong to condemn one another. They are also Muslims. They are our brothers. Even if they did a mistake, they could repent. Allah, insha’Allah, forgives those who repent. A Muslim will be forgiving and merciful. If we condemn everyone who commits a sin, there would be no people left in the world. This is wrong.

All those who steal, rob and plunder; all of them. These are people after all. We will pray for them so that Allah forgives them and turns them to a righteous path. We will strive for them to become better. If someone did a mistake, he can go to prison all right, but he would never cease to be a Muslim. He could go to jail for three years or five years. Then he can get out of prison but he is still a believer, a Muslim. He prays and becomes a person beneficial to Muslims and Islam.

December 24th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Anyhow, one must pray in a positive way. If someone steals we cannot say, “He should go to hell”; we never condemn or curse anyone. He would be tried according to the related articles of the law. Even if he goes to prison, we want him to perform the prayer there and learn about Islam. We want him to regret  what he did. The real purpose of prison is to rehabilitate him. He would complete his sentence and get out of prison like a Muslim. We must win people over. Even if there is someone who did something bad, Almighty Allah says, “Show goodness to those who do evil to you and you will see that they will be your friends.”

Our Prophet (saas) says that WHEN YOU FACE WITH RESENTMENT, YOU GREET FIRST BECAUSE THOSE OF YOU ARE THE MOST BENEVOLENT ONES.” Tayyip hodja could change his tune and assume a more humble attitude to do a good deed. In this way, our people will embrace him to the end.

A9 TV:  December 21st, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: For the good pleasure of Allah, Fethullah hodja must calm down and Tayyip hodja must be at ease. There is nothing going on. Such excitement only benefits the enemies of Islam. This mutual tension and stress could be something provoked by satan. Silence and solidarity would be very good, insha’Allah: We need to avoid harsh statements. There is no need for that because later on it becomes more difficult to correct that, insha’Allah.


December 27th, 2013: Türkiye


Prime Minister Erdogan, who completed his schedule in Sakarya and came to Istanbul, was met with enthusiasm at Ataturk airport. He addressed the crowd waiting for him at his home address in Kisikli from the election bus. Erdogan - who stated that they will never be intimidating, on the contrary that they will embrace everyone, that they will not make things difficult but they will make things easy - said that they will talk about everything they do. He noted, “A Muslim never prays in a negative way. We oppose negative prayer. But we invite people to prayer.”

December 29th, 2013: Akşam

PM Erdoğan said the following during his speech at the opening ceremony at the  Cumhuriyet center in Manisa:

“A Muslim is one whom others  are sure of in his actions and words. Therefore we shall never say negative prayers for someone. Always pray for people who do this. We will destroy this plot together, consistently adopting a nice and loving manner of speech.”

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