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Flexibility in Victims of Mavi Marmara Compensation

What He Said?What Happened?

February 25th, 2013: A9 TV

Regarding the offer which Israel's Defense Minister sent to Netanyahu for an apology.

ADNAN OKTAR: We will convince them. They will come here again. They were satisfied, in fact; in other words we convinced them, but they are still avoiding it. They will come again and we will speak with them. THEY WILL APOLOGIZE TO HIS FAMILY AND THE TURKISH NATION; I HAVE SPOKEN WITH THEM. THEY WILL APOLOGIZE FOR THOSE TEENS WHO WERE MATRYED AND TO THE TURKISH NATION, AND THEY WILL PAY THEM 100 BILLION TURKISH LIRAS –SYMBOLICALLY-. I have spoken about that also. They will deposit 900 billion Turkish Liras in the families’ bank accounts. We have spoken about this insha’Allah.

July 25th, 2013: A9 TV

In my opinion, in such an environment of tension, there isn’t a need for temporizing the issue. I have said this before, here we talked about   the issue of compensation, I've persuaded them on compensation and to apologize, I’ve convinced them on both compensation and to apologize and I 've said, "Just apologize and do not concern yourselves further," I said, "Pay compensation," They said. “Okay".  I think at this point Turkey needs to make things easier. Compensation can easily be paid, an easy way to pay, an easy explanation of issues; they need to end the issue and make an alliance with Israel.

First of all, Turkey has to believe that it is right to make an alliance with Israel. That will be a wonderful ground to establish unity in Islam. If Turkey were to make an alliance with Israel, the issue of Egypt also would also be solved; Egypt would immediately get into line.  Syria will immediately get in to line as well. Because of the division of two countries the region is empty. All kinds of disasters are coming towards them. Turkey has to form this alliance, this friendship.  We can easily convince them about compensation, we’ve already talked about it.  But Israel went down a rather winding road, while it could be handled in an easier fashion. I have shown them the practical solutions, but they prefer a more roundabout way, then it extends matters. We persuaded them to apologize. They have come and gone many times here, I have repeatedly insisted, "It's not something galling”, I said. It is normal to apologize; this it is not something humiliating.

I’m telling what could be done. They should pay compensation and deposit it into a bank account. They apologized. For Turkey, of course that compensation is not a grace.  A debt is getting paid. In the Qur'an and the Torah it is mentioned; paying a debt.


November 23th, 2013:  Time Turk

It has been claimed that Turkey has demanded a lesser amount of money than before and has shown a more flexible stand regarding an indemnity payment to victims of Israel’s attack on an aid fleet going to Gaza three years ago.

According to news from the Ha'aretz newspaper from an Israeli senior official, this change “...may provide a starting point for improving diplomatic relations between two countries.”

2014-02-15 22:00:43

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