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Membership of Turkey will vitalize Europe

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Gaziantep Kanal 5, September 22- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Let us enter the European Union with honor and glory. Let us enter as the Leader of the Turkish Islamic Union. Otherwise, joining the European Union  just for money and job is offensive to Turkish Nation. I mean, It is not a suitable behavior for us to act like asking for help from them. We will go there to rescue them. We will give them money, we will provide economical opportunities for them, and we will enter as the leader. WE CAN INTRODUCE THEM ALL THE WEALTH AND THE STRENGTH OF THE ASIA. WE CAN INTRODUCE EUROPE AND THEIR TECHNICAL OPPORTUNITIES AS WELL. WE CAN BECOME A BRIDGE BETWEEN  ASIA AND EUROPE. That's what I say, or else, of course I like Europe's art, science and culture. Of course I like their positive culture, favorable art. I like their architecture. In that sense I have big respect. I like their democracy. I like their understanding of freedom. Moreover, may they become more independent, and more democratic. And, I completely want Turkey to embrace the democracy of Europe, in fact I want Turkey to go beyond them. In that sense, of course I want  Turkey to enter European Union.

Turkiye, January 3- 2010


In response to a question, "Can Turkey become a member of this club?", the government of Spain's secretary of the state Diego Lopez Garrido, who is in charge of  the relationship with EU, has declared to La Razon: "Of course Turkey's dialog with the Islamic World can bring great power to EU"

2010-03-05 02:30:55

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