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100 billion dollars is the target with Russia

What He Said?What Happened?

Ekin TV,  January 29-2009

Adnan Oktar: There is only one solution  to this. There is just one material and moral solution. That is the Turkish-Islamic Union. A big Islamic Union that is led by Turkey and supported by the Turkish countries. Moreover, that contains all the Islamic countries in it. That will be the most honest, most trustable, most dignified, and a superb formation of the world…Well, we are from the same ancestor, from the same religion, from the same race. I mean we share many things as one. There are many doors that unite us. Open all the doors. Open the doors of Azerbaijan, open the doors of Georgia, open the door of Iran. Open the door of Syria and Iraq. Open the doors of Turkistan. Let us go to those countries for trading purposes, for socializing, for conversing. They are essential part of us. They are our brothers. I mean, why to show  passport when arriving to their borders? Let us pass freely with our vehicles.


MPL TV, December 19-2008

Adnan Oktar: We are the elderly brother and a best friend in this region. They are all our neighbors. For thousands of years, for centuries we  have lived together. The separation is totally artificial. OPEN UP THE BOUNDARIES, LIFT THE VISAS, LET US DO TRADES, LET US CHERISH THEM, LET THE JOY COME IN, LET IT BE A FEAST, LET THE ABUNDANCE AND RICHNESS SURROUND EVERYWHERE. And let the world see the ugliness of the dirty work, egoism and selfishness, and let them want to imitate us.

Zaman, January 14-2010

Zaman, January 14-2010

Türkiye, 14 Ocak 2010

2010-03-05 02:57:34

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