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The steps of Hedjaz Railway is heard

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TASCA, The Turkish Arabic Association of Science, Culture and Art - November 21- 2009 

Adnan Oktar:A body without a head can not survive. When a system with a head is established, Turkey is a country that can handle the leadership very nicely. Turkey has an experience inherited from the Ottoman. It possesses a mature and trained staff. In Turkey, there is a very rational and populated administrative class - which means a very successful power, a great power. And there is no objection to that. As long as people are pleased with Turkey’s brotherhood, as long as they receive a great service and a great benefit from Turkey’s leadership; why should they object to Turkey? And Turkey will also have benefit; Terror comes to an end. It ends immediately and Turkey grows wealthier. Meanwhile all sorts of oppression comes to an end in the Islamic countries.

Sabah - May 05- 2010

Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport and Communication, reported that TCDD (Turkish Republic State Railyways) was invited privately to the tender of Express Train Project between Mecca and Medina. Yıldırım also said, “ This is the steps of the 2 thousand kilometres long Hidjaz railway line constructed upon the orders of the Sultan Abdulhamid in 5 years. The foundation for Mecca-Medina railways is started to be laid simultaneously with Ankara-Konya line.” Yıldırım who delivered a speech during the signature ceremony of the High Speed Rail Switch Factory founded in Cankiri within the joint venture of  TCDD General Directorate  and Voestalpine (VAE) Group and Kardemir, stated: “Railways are not only ways but also culture, history, past, and future of Turkey.

2010-07-02 16:00:13

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