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Kackar TV – March 12, 2009

Adnan Oktar: To tell you the truth, I have a deeper love towards Azerbaijani people. I don’t know the reason.I really love them so much, I mean I love all Turkish countries, I love all my brothers but Azerbaijani people more differently. It is as if they are more long-suffering, they possess a nicer state of attitude mashaAllah. By Allah’s will, I promise you, the first thing we’ll do will be laying a table by the Caspian Sea when the borders are removed. We’ll bring the barbecue and we’ll chat over there. They will chat with us in their nice Azerbaijani accent. They say “gelmishem”, for instance . We’ll chat in that accent, in their nice accent with my dear brothers. What are they doing there all alone? Of course, we’ll open the gates of the border by Allah’s will.  We will also open the gates of Armenian border. Azerbaijani people will come to their own village, own town, to Nagorno-Karabakh. We will chat nicely in Nagorno-Karabakh. We’ll have meal there, we’ll have conversations and we will cheer there up.  All kinds of difficulties and trouble, they will all end inshaAllah.

Azerbaycan Azadlık Newspaper, September 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar: When it is constituted on the basis of love, friendship and dialog, no one in the world will say a thing. But first, we – the two of us- should ally with one another. We should ally with one another, as Turkey and Azerbaijan.  If there are any people with the mindset of “Let’s destroy the Armenians, let’s destroy this and let’s destroy that”, no one in the world would tolerate those. We won’t tolerate them, either. This is oppression. This is remorselessness. But, we should unite and we should save the Armenians, as well. We should save our other brothers, too. We should ally with Russia. We should be friends with America. We must love the whole world. We have to show affection towards all servants of  Allah. No matter whether he is a budhist, a freemason, a communist or an atheist; we should all treat them as first class citizens. Because, they are all servants of Allah. They all are. It is their destiny. We were entrusted by Allah to protect them; if Allah wills, He will make them believe, He will make them be in the way He wills. That’s why, the whole world would say “yes” to a unity based on love and friendship. It is very important to see the sincerity beyond it. Like I said, “Let’s unite and become the only ruler of the world”… that notion is wrong, like I said.This is wrong.


Sabah - May 18, 2010

         Regarding the relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that “No one should give credit to gossips. Gossips do not determine the unity and brotherhood between us.” Following the private and inter-committee meetings, President Erdoğan and Azerbaijan President Aliyev inaugurated the Atatürk monument which was built near the Turkish Embassy.

In his speech there, Erdoğan; “ As the  Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk once put forward, “Azerbaijan’s sorrow is our sorrow, and its joy is our joy.”; this fact is still valid and it will remain so. No matter which political power rules us, our relationship will be the same; because the relationship between us is not the relationship of the institutions. The relationship between us is the relationship between the nations, because we are one nation, and two diffent countries. Every day; this relationship increases in political, martial, economic, culturel, commercial and in all the realms. From now on there is an Azerbaijan getting stronger, and a Turkey getting stronger. The position and the status of these two countries in the eyes of the world opinion will be different, for sure”.  

2010-07-05 23:25:32

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