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President: Don't dispute so we can progress quickly

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Samsun AKS TV, October 28- 2009

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish-Islamic Union will be established insha’Allah. We as Alewis, Sunnis, Kurd and Ciscassians will be as buildings bound together with lead insha’Allah. We will not only be the leader of Turkish-Islamic Union but also the ruler of the world with the permission of Allah, and spread justice to the world. We will bring comfort, brotherhood, peace, love to the whole world. We will abolish all weapons. Atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, napalm bomb or purpose bomb, nothing will be left. Not even plastic toy guns, we will lift all of them with the permission of Allah. Those who sleep will not be awaken. We will be subject to Hazrat Mahdi (as) insha’Allah as His students… We will establish the Turkish-Islamic Union. Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq, Turkestan, East Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Yakutat, Egypt, Libya, we will embrace all of them.  We will open all borders with the permission of Allah. Everybody will be free to express his or her opinion on democratic ground. They will say “Allah, Allah! How good a thing freedom is. How great the world is, love and to be loved is. How great peace is, brotherhood is” insha’Allah.

Türkiye, April 16- 2010

Gül reminded that Nazarbayev told him, “Many years have passed since the Ottoman Empire and now Turkish flag has begun to ramp all over the world.” He also noted that everyone is aware of the distance Turkey has covered. 

President of the Turkish Republic Abdullah Gül pointed out that Turkey is wasting its energy on political debate and said, “Progress would be more rapid if we did not waste our energy on these insignificant debates.”

2010-07-05 23:55:49

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