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Turkey is the natural leader of the Middle Asia and the Middle East

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Kanal Avrupa, 25 April 2010

Adnan Oktar: Turkey being a super nation, Turkey being the leader of the world is an extremely vital matter. Because the most scrupulous people, morally the best people are in Turkey. For example, look, I’m not segregating… Look, America cannot do it, you see… But Turkey goes for example to Afghanistan and everyone cherishes. And even the American soldiers hang up Turkish flags on their cars so that they can be safe. So isn’t it all clear? For example, we go to Somali and see that it’s the Turks. We go to Bosnia, and again the Turks are cherished and loved very much. For example, there are French soldiers and they get disturbed. They cannot establish that humane and warm environment. In Bosnia, Turkish soldiers for example go into a mosque and the men there cry out of happiness. They just love it. They go to a restaurant and they don’t get their money, right? Look, they say to America, “Rule the world”, you see! They destroyed Afghanistan, they destroyed Iraq. It has cost hundreds of thousands of people and it destroyed their own citizens as well, American men right? Thousands of American guys, they destroyed them there. They lead to the destruction of thousands of Muslims. Afghanistan is now in great misery, pity on them. Iraqis are also the same. Mosques are being bombed every day. What kind of ruling the world is this? What kind of a world leadership this is? Had there been the Turkish-Islamic Union with Turkey as the leader, there would be no such destruction. Would that be possible? It cannot even be considered. The whole world knows this. This is why America begs. They say, come to Iraq and increase the number of soldiers, but we’ll be there as well. No way. You will leave there completely right?You will surrender the place to us and then okay. Think about America completely retreating from Iraq and Turkish soldiers taking control. There is no need for anything else. Problem would be solved. There would be peace immediately. In Afghanistan, even a single troop would be enough, to the whole Afghanistan. Only a single Turkish troop can go and it would be over. America retrieves completely and they would rejoice. Therefore, our brothers have to be very insistent on the leadership of Turkey. For example, there is a riot in Kirghizstan. Had there been a single Turkish troop there, only one, the Kyrgyz would cherish them. It’s not possible for such a riot to go off, impossible. There is the Turkish-Islamic Union and such an incident happens? There is no leader. They go to everywhere in the Parliament and they beat people up and throw them out, so there is a scandal going on. “When there is the Turkish-Islamic Union, there will be the biggest army of the whole world” says Bediuzzaman. So it is already certain that this will happen. The armies of all of the Islamic countries will be united in a single center. Turkey’s experience is obvious. For example, if you think that Turkish military officers train the armies of the whole Muslim and Turkic countries; this would mean a perfect discipline and a perfect army. Very just, reasonable, compassionate and modern right? There would be a very reasonable and beautiful structure. This can happen if it is kept on the agenda insistently.

Zaman, 18 June 2010

At a meeting held in Amasya, Yoshiaki Sasaki, the head consultant of Middle East of Japan, said that Turkey is the natural leader of the Middle Asia and the Middle East.  Sasaki who pointed out that the only country that can assure peace in the region is Turkey, defined Turkey as a country whose friendship one cannot give up.

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