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What He Said?What Happened?

Kütahya Destan TV, August 5- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkish nation returns to its essence insha’Allah. It will be a super state. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be established insha’Allah. TURKEYWILL ASSUME THE DUTY OF AN ELDER BROTHER IN THE REGION. THE ENTIRE REGION WILL ATTAIN COMFORT
AND PEACE WITH THE SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY. There will be a serious progress in terms of economy, finance and morality; a breathtaking cultural progress and a superb civilization will come into being. These stitches are the signs of that; following every stitch there have always been great developments. This also holds true for the history of Turkey. The establishment of great Turkish states has never been without pain. This is also the case right now.

Kıbrıs Ada TV, August 1- 2008

Adnan Oktar: If you could ever saw, you would not recognize the Turkey of the future. In its true sense, it will be the super state of the region and as a result Israel will be saved, Armenia will be relieved, Palestine will be relived and Israel will attain an unprecedented environment of peace and security. Palestineproblem will be solved for once and all. The key point in all incidents is Turkey. And there is a clear demand. That is, Iraq demands it too. In fact Iraq wants to unite with Turkey. Similarly Syria wants to unite with Turkey and demands the administration of Turkey. But of course states are detached entities. They want Turkey to take control as a spiritual leader.

Kordon TV, July 27- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the entire region. This Turkish-Islamic Union does not connote a racial superiority; it does not mean that we are the best. It means being compassionate to Christians, to Jews, entitling them the best of lives… Palestineis an environment full of terror and sordidness; this is a great sin, and there is no other solution. Neither American nor English interference; none of them could save. The only solution is Turkey’s interference and its acting as an elder brother. Every passing day imposes moral responsibility upon us. This has to happen once and for all.

Zaman, June 6- 2010

Vatan, June 6- 2010

Yeni Asya, June 6- 2010

Vakit, June 6- 2010

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