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Ottoman flag is still in Bosnia

What He Said?What Happened?

Mersin TV - September 5 - 2008

Adnan Oktar: By the leave of Allah Turkey will be a great country. Turkish – Islamic Union is going to be established. Turkey will embrace the entire Middle East, BALKANS and AsiaWITH A SPIRIT OF ELDER BROTHER, INSHA’ALLAH. A marvelous system will come true, if you notice. The Caucasian Treaty is in a process of establishment and as you may know we have railway project going on as well as projects like oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline. You see, Islamic Union meetings are being organized. Studies are going on to form a stronger Turkish Union. All of these developments are very good Insha’Allah. As you know, Anatolia was the cradle of many civilizations. Anatolia is such a place. Also in the time of Ottoman period, as you know.  THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE RULED THE THREE CONTINENTS, THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST AND BALKANS, INSHA’ALLAH. NOW A UNION IS GOING TO BE ESTABLISHED JUST LIKE THAT. BUT, THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN ALL ALONG WITH LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP AS WELL AS WITH A SPIRIT OF BROTHERHOOD.

Azerbaijan Novoye Vremya- October 6 -  2008 

Adnan Oktar: Balkans is an Ottoman soil indeed. All the way into the inlands of Italy. All the lands in the vicinity of Italy were under the Ottoman rule.There are the traces of Ottoman everywhere, the beauty of Ottoman is seen everywhere. All these places will become the cities of peace, regions of tranquility within the Turkic-Islamic Union…Turkish – Islamic Union will provide welfare, abundance and peace to these places. Insha’Allah, the Turkish-Islamic Union will bring peace and happiness to Bosnia, Armenia and everywhere. 

Türkiye -June 27- 2010

Ottoman Flag is still in Bosnia

500 years of tradition

Bosnia Herzegovina, who was under the Ottoman administration for ages  never forgets its history. Thousands of people wear fez (is a hat either in the shape of a red truncated cone or in the shape of a short cylinder made of kilim fabric.Both usually have tassels.) on their heads and hold Turkish flags to join an Ottoman festival named “Ayvaz Dede”

Vatan - June 27 - 2010

Ottoman Day in Europe

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