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The heart of the Islamic world beats in Istanbul

What He Said?What Happened?

Ahi TV, July 15- 2008

Adnan Oktar:It is stated that Turkey will be the leader of the Islamic world. Indeed,the incidents of the End Times will take place especially in Istanbul. Indeed, Istanbul is the cultural capital of the world and it is important for all of the world. It is the center for all religions.

MPL, February 19- 2009 

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish nation is highly public-spirited, courageous, intelligent, good-natured,God-fearing and God-loving. It is the only country in which Darwinism does not apply, masha’Allah. They are all like lions masha’Allah. The level of people who do not believe in Darwinism in Turkey is currently 90%. That is the highest level in the world. Turkey is the bastion of faith, a faithful nation... Allah has given this nation the job. There are a great many hadith about the Turkish nation being given this task. For example, he says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will bring together the dispersed Turkish banners. He will unite the dispersed Turkic states, and that is very important. The Turks, he says. The hadith is very clear. We are now at the stage of the uniting of the Turkic states. This nation is a very heroic and altruistic one. Every one is a hero. They are very concerned with their honor and good name. They do not let anybody impugn their honor. This nation will be the leader of theTurkish-Islamic Union. Turkey is the leader, and everyone will see this. Istanbul will be its spiritual capital. It will be the spiritual capital of the whole Turkish-Islamic world. Its political capital is Ankara, and its spiritual capital will be Istanbul insha’Allah.

Vakit, 10 October 2010

The heart of the Islamic world beats in Istanbul.

The representatives of NGOs from various parts of the Islamic world came together in Istanbul. Secretary General of the chairman of The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World Necmi Sadikoglu said: “The nations of the Islamic countries, the religion of the Unity of Allah,must work together within this spirit and spread the message to the Islamic world with the reference of ‘a single ummah single nation’.”

2011-03-30 15:29:37

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