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Analyses By Mr. Adnan Oktar Broadcast on A9 TV – 1

The PKK thinks that the armed struggle can bring results and believes that it can easily split Turkey up. We will never allow Turkey to be divided.

ADNAN OKTAR: The PKK thinks it has a good organization in the Southeast and enjoys wide popular support there. They think that they can bring Marxist thinking to power through elections, in other words, that they can split Turkey up through elections. They believe they can get a result for separation in a referendum. And they therefore think that a Marxist, Stalinist party can easily come to power through popular vote. In other words, they are striving to suggest that the armed struggle has produced results, and by suggesting that if it does not then they will step it up until it does. The Kurds are very dear to us. We will never surrender the country or our fellow citizens to the communists. They can forget that. We will never surrender an inch of land. (January 11th, 2013; A9 TV)

The founding of the PKK was a plot by the alleged terror organization Ergenekon

adnan oktarADNAN OKTAR: Some circles are trying to give the impression that Öcalan is supposedly "the man to save Turkey" because he is supposedly a hero who will save us from various scourges, terror and anarchy. "The state cannot save you, but Öcalan will; in other words, he is stronger than the army and the police. He is so good and so blessed that you really need to appreciate him properly." that is the kind of impression they are trying to give. And that is a terrible thing.

The man is a stone cold killer. A fanatical killer. He is someone who has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of our troops and police. I fail to understand why they say these things. What is their aim? For one thing, our opinion as a nation about that man will never change. Life imprisonment. He would normally have been hanged, but it was commuted to life in prison. I am not saying he should be mistreated. He should be treated the same as everyone else. He should read the Qur'an and memorize its verses and inform himself. He should repent to God, pray and prepare himself for the hereafter. The hereafter is where he will have to account for himself. He will have to account for tens of thousands of our martyrs in the hereafter. He should be thinking about how he is going to explain that. He should prostrate himself in prayer day and night.

They should therefore stop trying to create a good impression of this man. Our opinion as a nation will never change. We will never allow anyone to split Turkey up. We will never give up the Southeast, and we will never give the Southeast to the communists. We will never allow our mothers and sisters there to be oppressed by communist gangs. We will never allow a bloody regime like that of Pol Pot there. We have no intention of needing passports to go there. We will never, ever allow it.

We know what Öcalan and the PKK are. There is no need to prolong the issue. The PKK should not try to pull the wool over our eyes. Saying things like, "Who knows where we will go if there is an agreement?" You may be dropping in for a coffee and coming back again. "We will lay down our arms," they say. Yes, they will, but then they will come back with ten times newer models. What matters is to lay down the abnormal thinking in their heads, and Darwinism and materialism need to be eradicated for that to happen.

Abdullah Öcalan is a communist, a Marxist and a Stalinist. Neither he nor the organization will abandon their ideas. If Abdullah Öcalan tries to dismantle the organization, the organization will destroy him, if they can catch him. And they will never accept his leadership, or even take him seriously. Tens of thousands have laid down their lives for communism, and tens of thousands more have gone to prison to bring communism in. What do you expect him to say? He is not going to tell them, "You have all been wasting your time, so break up now and go home." "Why?" "Because that is how I feel today." Then we are expected to say; "What a great man Abdullah Öcalan is. He has saved Turkey from terror and anarchy."

Some people in the media are seeking to legalize Abdullah Öcalan. They will first turn him into a legal, friendly figure and then say; "Look, this is the man who saved you. Why is he in prison? Are you not being ungrateful? Did he not save you? You would have been drowned in blood without him. He saved you from anarchy and terror, so what more do you want? He is stronger than the state. Shelter behind him! Respect and value him. Abdullah Öcalan is a great man." Who do these people think they are kidding? No child would even fall for that.

People who are being taken in by this need to come to their senses. This is simply a project intended to legalize Abdullah Öcalan, nothing more. It will not be possible to deceive our nation with that. Go and ask people in the streets, if you like. Nobody will go along with it.

Our government will never go along with such a thing. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan is highly alert. We see the KCK operations and this and that. The government has a firm stance against the PKK. Our interior minister's attitude is perfectly clear. Our prime minister's language never makes any concessions to the PKK. I regard the prime minister's behavior on this as very right and proper.

But some members of the press are foolishly trying to legalize Abdullah Öcalan and portray him as a pleasant person. They are wasting their time. They have been striving to that end for months or years. They are sniffing the wind. No way! That is out of the question!

I am describing what our nation thinks. Go and ask anyone in the street. My nation is a truly strong and heroic one. It does not forget what has been done to it. We have tens of thousands of martyrs buried underground now. Mothers go and visit their martyred children's graves every day. Flags fly above them all. They water the graves every day and tend the flowers, those dear mothers of ours. They recite verses from the Qur'an.

They are trying to give the impression that they were martyred for nothing, that the police officers were martyred for nothing. My brother, it was not easy for us to make Anatolia ours. Success did not come easy. Did it? It took hard work, and faith and the Qur'an. We will not give the lands we won with faith and the Qur'an away to a handful of bandits. We will not abandon our mothers, sisters, brothers and grandfathers in the Southeast to communist gangs. (January 2nd, 2013; A9 TV)

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Laying down of arms is only possible with ideas. So long as ideas remain unchanged, weapons may change, but they will never be laid down.

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DİDEM ÜRER: The terrorist Nuriye Kesebir, one of the organization leaders who sat down on behalf of the PKK at the Oslo talks, issued a statement confirming your analysis of the PKK's way of looking at its weapons. She said; "Our weapons are not a problem for us, they are our means of self-defense. Telling us to lay down our arms and go away means they do not know us. They are laughing at us. Who can tell a guerrilla movement spread out over such a wide area what to do? Those weapons can only be laid down once the aim for which they were taken up in the first place has been achieved. If a solution is reached, then we will discuss laying down our arms. And that does not mean laying them down, it means discussing the position we want to move to, namely 'autonomy.' We will not abandon our weapons until that happens.

ADNAN OKTAR: This exactly reflects their real way of thinking. This describes what they honestly think among themselves. Why should they abandon their weapons? She says they will just change their types but they will still have weapons; they will not abandon them. Why should they? The laying down of arms can only come through ideas.

When the PKK signs up to Islamic Unity, when that fine idea spreads among them, then Islamic Unity will spread rapidly all around. That will be good for them and good for the nation.

What will happen when they espouse Islamic Unity? Iran will be theirs from one end to the other. Jordan will be theirs. Izmir will be theirs. They will be able to come and go everywhere. They will be able to live everywhere. I am speaking of our Southeastern brothers. Otherwise, the PKK will just pen them into the Mardin mountains. You will pen them in to the mountains of Siirt. You will be surrendering them to that cold, harsh climate. They will be penned in. Communists will come from North Korea, Chinese communists will come, missile batteries will be installed, advanced weaponry will come in and even old men of 60 will be placed under arms. They will put our mothers under arms, and a huge communist army will be established. As a nation, we will never permit such a thing, we will never let our country be divided. We will not surrender our Southeastern brothers to communist gangs.

The reason why some Kurds in the Southeast support the PKK is that they think this is the way to escape the sufferings inflicted by the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. Yet the freedom and liberation they seek actually lie in Islamic Unity

ADNAN OKTAR: One characteristic of our people in the Southeast is that they dislike pressure. Everyone always wants to be free. Threats are not the only reason why some people support the PKK, as I said the other day. They may say, "If, may God forbid, there is a different structure set up, autonomy or a federation, then there will no longer be anyone looking down their noses at us." In terms of faith, a great many of them think this, "We will be free to carry out our religious obligations. We will be able to dress as we wish. The headscarf will be free, and we will be able to wear turbans if we choose. We will live by Islam as we see fit." They say, 'We will be able to do business as we wish, without paying taxes." But most of all, they think, "There will be nobody above us to humiliate us."

The reason why our brothers think like that is previous policies. The alleged terror organization Ergenekon and those who shared its views constantly humiliated our Southeastern brothers, never took them seriously and talked down to them. They behaved most contemptuously toward them. They made it clear in all ways that they despised and did not want them. They behaved in such a way as to claim to be much more clever and superior to them. They also tried to emphasize the idea that being Kurdish was a source of embarrassment.

In other words, they said, "We are Turks, so we are a superior people" but in genetic terms, rather than moral ones. Their idea was one of, "We are genetically superior to you. We are your lords. They have placed us over you. You must submit to your lords." Those dear ones of ours bore that arrogance patiently for many years. They were beaten and defamed and sworn at. Some of them were ashamed of being Kurds. They were Kurds but would not admit to it. Ask them where they were from and they would say, "I am from Ağrı," may God forbid, but in an icy tone. As if being a Kurd was one of the worst crimes in the world. Those dear ones of ours really felt inferior because of that, from what I have seen, from the people I have asked. They say, "I am from the Southeast" but not, "I am Kurdish." I have seen that with my own eyes, may God forbid.

These vile types devoid of character so oppressed my dear ones that they put them in a state of depression. Precautions need to be taken as once to rectify this immorality and terrible state of affairs. My brother, you are an ordinary human being, a servant of God. If your moral values are defective, then what use to you is being Turkish?

Some people think that Islamic Unity raised its head all of a sudden when things were going really well. They imagined that this strong belief in Islamic Unity appeared just as they were going to achieve their aims. They panicked. Islamic Unity emerged as a cause just when they thought that all of Turkey was about to be split up, may God forbid, and when they were about to turn the Southeast communist. We are now saying, "Turkish-Islamic Union." If Turkish-Islamic Union had emerged as a similarly racialist idea, had it been based on the idea of the superiority of the Turkish race, then that ideology would have been defeated right from the outset, because the whole world can see that this ideology has been defeated. Everyone knows that. The world would unite as one against the idea of the superiority of the Turkish race; they would crush it. Nobody would go along with it. Fortunately, no such claim has been or can be made.

So all that remains is Islamic Unity. Islamic Unity will be hugely invigorated with the system of the Mahdi. It will go on the (intellectual) offensive, insha'God, because Islamic Unity is a structure supported by 1.5 billion people, and one that can achieve very clear results. (January 17th, 2013; A9 TV)

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The PKK is saying, 'If you give us the Southeast' there can be a temporary peace and end to the bloodshed

adnan oktar, harun yahyaDİDEM ÜRER: The first of the funerals for the three PKK members sent over from France took place in Diyarbakır, with nearly 2,000 people in attendance. Warnings were issued that trouble could flare up and major security precautions were put into place. But for perhaps the first time, a BDP mass activity passed off quietly with no trouble and no posters of Öcalan being unfurled. This report in the papers was interpreted as the BDP and PKK showing their sincere eagerness for peace and being on the side of a solution.

ADNAN OKTAR: They are still saying the same thing. I fail to comprehend the language here. Right from the start they have been saying, "We do not want bloodshed, let us resolve the problem peacefully." They do not really say anything, they just say this. They have been saying it for 30 years. "Our desire is a very plain and simple one," they say. Not the BDP, the PKK. "There is a region there, Mardin, Diyarbakır, Siirt, and that region belongs to us. We want to establish a state there, by your leave. Do not make things difficult for us. Otherwise there will be bloodshed. So do us a favor. Then we will be good and polite and honest and well-behaved. We will not wave the flag. We will do whatever you say. But you must do this for us," they are saying. And what if we do not? "Then we will bring the roof down." They keep saying the same thing. "Peace is a fine thing, we have attained peace. Peace." Do we not know what peace is? Peace is in any case a distinguishing feature of Muslims. Who wants war? As though we have said we want bloodshed, as if the nation is baying for blood. Then they stand up and go on about peace as if they expect us to say, "Great idea. We never thought of that. This is the first time it has occurred to us." That is what they are saying, "Let us make peace." What did Stalin say? "Hand this region over to us without making a fuss." If you do that, Stalin will treat you like a good boy. But if you do not, he will bring the roof down on your head. It is the same with the PKK. They say, "We would very politely ask you to let Abdullah Öcalan go, and then he can be head of state. We want to live as a neighboring state, as a communist state." They say, "We really do not see what you could find troubling about that." They keep going on about peace, peace, peace: That is what we all want. Nobody wants war. Bring me one normal person who wants war. Nobody wants it. (January 18th, 2013; A9 TV)

Öcalan and the PKK should repent and turn to Islam and the Qur'an. They should espouse Islamic Unity. If they do that, there will be wealth and social justice and an air of rejoicing all over the region.

ADNAN OKTAR: Shall I tell you what the PKK should do? And do you know what the best thing for Abdullah Öcalan to do would be? He should repent and turn to Islam and the Qur'an. He should read the Qur'an. That also goes for the young members of the PKK. They should read the Qur'an and turn to Islamic Unity. They should espouse Islamic Unity. The whole region would then be saved. Everyone: Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Kurds, Laz people, Circassians, they will all be able to relax. An explosion of economic growth, vast social justice, wonderful architecture and art, a great joy, a great spirit of brotherhood will enfold everywhere. There is no other way out. Otherwise they will just sink; God will never permit it. If they want to give a good impression of themselves, they must turn to God. They must not expect anything from other people. They must turn to God. They should pray to God and repent. They should read the Qur'an and memorize its verses. They must see the truth. And other members of the PKK must also turn to Islam and the Qur'an. Let us spread Islamic Unity across the world; all mankind must hasten toward happiness and joy and peace. Let there be an end to wars and weaponry. Instead of weapons, that material could be used in factories for washing machines and fridges. They should strive to use the steel and copper and whatever that goes into weapons for factories and good purposes. Let us enrich the world. Let the whole world live in peace. Let everyone be brothers. Let there be the complete rule of law and justice. At the moment people are wary of the law. They do not trust the law in many parts of the world. There is a world without justice. The judicial system in much of the world is corrupt and inflicts suffering on people, as if the main task of the judicial system were to imprison people and frighten and inflict suffering on them. The main task of the judiciary should be to free people and direct them toward good works. It should work for people's good, not to do evil, but in many parts of the world the judicial system has become a tool of repression, of suffering. The system terrifies people, whereas they should regard it as a blessing and make good use of it. That is how it will be in the End Times. People will regard the judicial system as a blessing. (January 17th, 2013; A9 TV)


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