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The Device in Your Body that Can Copy a Million Pages of Information in Twenty Minutes

It's long been known that cells multiply by division. During this process, the DNA found in the nucleus of each cell needs to be copied for each new "daughter" cell. During this process of replication, an amazing event takes place that requires consideration.

DNA's data bank, made up of three billion letters, is able to store massive amounts of information concerning the living organism. To write down all the information contained in DNA would require an encyclopaedia of approximately 1,000 volumes, with a total of a million pages. Therefore, the replication of DNA and the copying of a million-page encyclopaedia are comparable. But do you know how long this process of DNA replication takes?

Between 20 and 80 minutes!

Now, that means that the equivalent of one million pages of writing can be copied, with no mistakes or deficiencies, in a period of less than two hours—and sometimes, under a half hour. No photocopier or any other technological device available today can complete this copying process faultlessly, in such a short period of time. And consider that no technological machines are carrying out this process, but cells that we cannot even see with the naked eye. Now ask yourself:

Who possesses the power and mind, will and knowledge to bring about this amazing organization? What realizes that the DNA must be copied when a cell divides? What brings about this replication in the fastest, most perfect way, and which allows for any mistakes to be fixed immediately?

Clearly, it's illogical and senseless to claim that this whole complex, faultless and perfect system came about as a result of coincidence. Bring together all of the atoms in the universe, under the proper conditions, and still you won't be able to create the system that carries out the replication of DNA in every living organism.

It is quite obvious that the One Who created this perfect system, Who has continued to create it for millions of years is God, the Possessor of infinite knowledge, consciousness, and power.


3 / total 51
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