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Bacteria-Destroying Machines In the Liver

Bacteria that we cannot see enter our bodies through the food we eat, via the air we breathe, or by any number of other ways. Harmful bacteria must be neutralized before they upset the workings of the body. For this reason, certain cells in the body, whose sole duty is defense, have been endowed with perfect memory. However, as an example of the body's faultless design, many additional defense measures have been set up. One line of defense is provided by certain cells found in the liver—a strategic point in the circulatory system.

In less than 0.01 of a second, the so-called Kupffer cells digest and neutralize any harmful bacteria that pass through the bloodstream from the small intestine to the liver. Out of all of the countless bacteria that enter the body, how can these unthinking cells distinguish those that can cause harm from those that are beneficial? How can these cells destroy some bacteria, but leave others untouched—without knowing the bacteria's characteristics or what they will do, once inside the body?

At this point, another important fact requires consideration: that Kupffer cells are found in the liver. But why the liver, and not any other organ? Here is still another proof of our bodies' perfect creation. Had these cells been placed in any other organ in the body except the liver, the cleansing of the blood from bacteria wouldn't have been as effective. Because after being cleansed in the liver, the blood then enters the general circulatory system, to circulate throughout the entire body. And so, fewer than one in a hundred bacteria ever succeed in reaching the general circulation. What sort of blind coincidence could have ensured the placement of Kupffer cells in the liver, out of all the organs in the body? The cells themselves can't determine the most appropriate place for them to go, much less set about going there. The body is composed of approximately 100 trillion cells, and it's not possible for any one of them to possess consciousness enough to determine a spot for itself and travel to settle there. Such a faultless plan requires the existence of a superior mind, one that belongs to the One Who knows every inch of our body and Who created us from nothing in the most appropriate of designs—that is, God.

Kupffer cells

1. Hepatic vein 2. Liver 4.Hepatic artery 5. Hepatocytes 6.Kupffer cell 7. Kupffer cell 8. Hepatic artery 9. Hepatic vein 10. Kupffer cell

In a very short time, special Kupffer cells in the liver neutralize bacteria arriving from the small intestine.


13 / total 51
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