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Your Life Continues Because
of the Conscious Division of Labor of Your Cells

Vitamin B12 is very important for the continuation of life because it is used in the production of blood. Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to anemia, which can lead to death. However, the body cannot use this vitamin on its own. This is why stomach mucous secretes a substance that allows vitamin B12 to be absorbed and play its vital role in blood production. In a special place in the small intestine, there are cells whose sole duty is to absorb vitamin B12.

Now, blood production, after a series of complicated processes, takes place mainly in the bone marrow. But most bone marrow is located far away from the stomach. How can the use of a vitamin needed by the bone marrow depend on a substance made by stomach cells? And how is it that a few cells, at a specific site in the small intestine, take upon themselves the duty of absorbing this vitamin?

For all of this to occur, cells in both the stomach and the small intestine must possess knowledge, being aware and in control of the details of blood production—a process that takes place a very far distance away. In addition, they must realize how important this production is for the body. In short, in the deepest and darkest of places in your body, systems and amazingly conscious processes take place between cells, leaving scientists dumbfounded upon learning about them.

Without a doubt, these cells cannot will such clear consciousness and faultless processes to take place. It is God, the Lord of the heavens and the Earth, Who created the vitamin B12 and programmed cells with the knowledge to be able to use it.

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2.Lining Cells



4.Small Intestine

5. A cell of the small intestine
6. B12 -Binding Proteins

Vitamin B 12 is used in bone marrow. It is absorbed by the stomach and small intestine, then sent to the bone marrow.


16 / total 51
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