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The Consciousness of the Circulatory System

Oxygen is one of the most important substances needed for the life of body tissues. For this reason, oxygen must be delivered to the tissues constantly, and in sufficient quantities. One of the body's most important components is the perfect circulatory system, which faultlessly performs this oxygen-carrying duty. When the oxygen levels in the tissues fall, an immediate, automatic and substantial increase in blood flow ensues. It's a known fact that if the need arises, the blood flow can increase by a factor of seven.

The working components of this system include tissues, cells, blood vessels, and proteins—none of which has any consciousness, knowledge, or decision-making mechanism. Most people live out their lives ignorant that such a mechanism even exists! So Who is the possessor of the knowledge, mind, and decision-making ability to perceive the drop in oxygen level in the tissues, inform the circulatory system, order it to increase blood flow, and finally bring the flow back to normal after the danger has passed? Who determines what type of information should be sent to which cell? And how can the cells that receive the message read, understand and apply it? No cell can possibly have the ability to read or understand. Much more can be researched about this topic, but the conclusion will always be the same: No cell has the consciousness able to conduct these processes to maintain the balance in the level of oxygen.

As with all other creations in the universe, animate and inanimate, the structures and systems in our body all act according to God's commands. The consciousness in every atom, molecule, and protein in the cells, organs, and bodies of all creatures is a product of God's creativity.

Circulatory System

1.Blood circulation in the body 2. Capillaries 3. Blood vessel 4. Body tissue 5. Oxygen-carrying red blood cells

When the level of oxygen in the organs drops, a message is sent to speed up the circulatory system. As a result, the increased blood flow to the tissues lets organs satisfy their need for oxygen.

That is God, your Lord. There is no deity but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything. (Qur'an, 6: 102)


21 / total 51
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