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Consciousness In The Cell



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To Prove Darwinism's Absurdity,
Only One Example is Sufficient

It's highly illogical to claim that millions of events, all occurring by coincidence, gave life to inanimate matter and formed perfectly working processes and structures of faultless design. To realize this, you need only to consider the following example:

One of the transport proteins in the blood, called albumin, binds to lipids such as cholesterol and to hormones, toxic bile and medicines such as penicillin. Then it circulates through the bloodstream traveling throughout the body after which it arrives at the liver and deposits the toxins it has gathered there to be neutralized, and then continues on carrying the nutrients and hormones to wherever they need to go.

Now ask yourself these questions:

1. How can a molecule like albumin, made up of atoms and having no consciousness or knowledge, distinguish between lipids and toxins, medicines and nutrients?

2. Moreover, how can it recognize the liver, bile, and stomach and then deliver the correct substances to the correct places every time, never getting confused or losing its way?

If you examined the toxins, medicines and nutrients carried in the blood under a microscope you wouldn't be able to distinguish between them unless you had medical training. Certainly you couldn't determine how much and of which type of substance needed to go to which organ.

A few unconscious atoms, combined into the albumin protein, have been faultlessly carrying out this duty in the bodies of all human beings for millions of years—a process that the majority of human beings couldn't manage if they hadn't any training. Undoubtedly this display of purpose and intent by a group of atoms is possible only by the infinite power and knowledge of God.

Your deity is God alone, there is no deity but Him. He encompasses all things in His knowledge. (Qur'an, 20: 98)

albumin proteins

1. Capillaries
2. Plasma proteins in capillaries shown in green
3. Plasma albumins
4. Albumin binds to
certain substances in the blood. Transporting the toxic ones to the liver and others to their respective destinations, it serves as a flawless distribution system.
5.The albumin proteins collect toxic substances and transport them via the bloodstream, to the liver.
6. liver


23 / total 51
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