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Belief in Darwinism
Is as Logical as Belief in a Fairy Tale

The letters you see in the table on the opposite page are not in random order. Actually, they are part of the description containing information about hemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen in the blood. This description is recorded in DNA, which contains all of the information relevant to the entire body. When hemoglobin needs to be synthesized, these letters are selected out of the three billion letters found in the DNA. This selection process is carried out by RNA polymerase, an enzyme so meticulous and careful that it never makes a mistake in reading or selecting the correct letters out of billions. It identifies the correct ones every time.

After selecting the correct letters and obtaining the description of the protein, it goes to the ribosomes, the cell's production center for protein synthesis.

The ribosomes read this description with the same meticulousness and care and, understanding the message, they then begin to synthesize the protein flawlessly.

This event is very organized and planned, just as architects and engineers design a skyscraper with the latest technology, the plans for which they then place in the hands of specialist builders and technicians.

Darwinists, on the other hand, claim that this superior degree of organization in a tiny area that can't even be seen with the naked eye, came about by coincidence. They claim that molecules formed from blind, unconscious, lifeless atoms display continual insight and somehow direct and engineer such faultless plans and organization.

To believe in such a claim as this is as illogical as believing that fairy tales are real. But Darwinism has hypnotized many people and blocked their powers of understanding.

hemoglobin, dna

The letters below are instructions for the production of hemoglobin. When the body needs hemoglobin, an enzyme called RNA polymerase identifies these letters one by one, out of three billion letters of the DNA, makes a copy of them, and orders them in the correct sequence. Later, it ferries the copied instructions to the site in the cell where production will take place.


26 / total 51
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