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Skillful Planning
and Production Carried Out by Bone Cells

When bones first start to develop, they start out as cartilage tissue. With time, the inner part of this cartilage begins to calsify and later, becomes enveloped in blood vessels by special bone cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The osteoclast cells' function is to break down and resorb bone. This they do by secreting special enzymes. Not remaining idle while the osteoclasts are doing their job, the osteoblast cells form the bone.

As a result of cooperation between these two groups of cells, the bones develop and eventually form the entire skeleton.

During childhood, when growth is very rapid, the duty of the osteoblasts is much more intense. Bone formation needs to be greater than bone resorption by osteoclasts. Once the skeleton has reached a certain degree of maturity, however, the formation and resorption processes begin to balance out.

Cells to be found in the bones of every human being carry out the same duty. They all know how to build the bone. Aware of the differences, they know how to shape the bones of the skull and of the thigh, the degree of thickness each bone should have, and when to stop growing. Also, they act in awareness that they have more work to do during childhood.

In the order of any of these processes, there is no confusion. Each group of cells goes into action at exactly the required time. As a result of this planned formation, every bone attains the structure and shape it needs to perform its functions most efficiently.

How did bone cells gain this ability of planning and production? A cell formed from unconscious atoms cannot look ahead or make decisions. It can't be aware of the stress or balance in the body, sense its needs and take measures accordingly. But all of the trillions of cells in the human body act with the apparent awareness of a human being, and even display a superior intelligence. This is evidence that they are being directed and managed by a superior power. The Great Possessor of power that inspires them is God.

That is God, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is Responsible for everything. (Surat al-An'am:102)

human skeleton

1. Bone cells
2. Cartilage
3. Ossification centers
4. Developing cartilage
5. Newly ossified cartilage
6. Formation of bone marrow
7. Skeleton

The human skeleton shown above was built, step by step, by tiny cells. Just like tiny sculptors, bone cells carve out the body's skeleton with great care. Who has inspired them with the knowledge of every step and how to adjust the hardness, length, shape, cavities and lumps, and points of connection? The One Who designed and built all of this so perfectly is Almighty God.


28 / total 51
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