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Your Life Depends
on Something as Flimsy as a Cotton Thread

With the absence of just one enzyme, the human species could go extinct. Only one example should suffice to dramatize this.

Nerve cells, called neurons, envelop our bodies, forming an interconnected web. A constant flow of information takes place along this web of neurons. Electric signals traveling along the length of each neuron transfer innumerable commands and warnings between the brain and other organs.

But neurons do not form one long cable extending from one part of the body to another. They are placed end to end, but do not even contact each other directly. There are gaps between them.

So how does the electricity flow from one nerve cell to the next?

It does so thanks to a very complicated chemical system that comes into play. Between nerve cells is a special fluid containing very specialized chemical enzymes, with the extraordinary ability to transport electrons. When an electric signal reaches the end of the nerve, its electrons are deposited onto these enzymes. The enzymes, carrying their electrons, then move through the fluid and transfer the electrons to the next nerve, thus passing along the electric signal. This process takes place within the smallest fraction of a second, and under no circumstances is the flow of electricity ever cut.

Again, even if all of the parts of the human body were complete, the lack of this one enzyme would be enough to prevent the organism from carrying out any functions at all. The same would arise if any single one of the other thousands of enzymes were lacking. No organism has the luxury of waiting millions of years for blind coincidence to complete its ability to survive, as is claimed by the theory of evolution.

The one apparent truth here is that all living things, humans included, were created with their perfect and faultless structures all at once—that is, they were perfectly created by God.

neurons, Electric signals

1.The gap between two nerve cells, and the enzymes entrusted with carrying electrical signal from one cell to the other

2.The enzyme that transmits the electrical signals to the next nerve cell


49 / total 51
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