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Only in The Remembrance of God Do Hearts Find Satisfaction

All men living on earth seek ways to attain real happiness. Hopes are pinned on a goal of attaining happiness. Some seek happiness in an opulent life style, some in a prestigious career, a good marriage, plastic surgery, college admission. Once these goals are attained, however, whatever happiness results is usually transitory. Or often there is no joy or satisfaction at all in achieving the goal. However, there has been no one on earth who has ever attained true happiness through these methods. There are many issues that bother or disquiet even someone who believes the goal of complete happiness has been achieved.

True happiness, peace, pleasure and ease can only be found in the remembrance of God. God relates this fact in a verse as follows:


Those who believe and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of God. Only in the remembrance of God can the heart find peace. (Surat ar-Ra'd: 28)


This is a very important secret that God reveals to mankind in the Qur'an. Unaware of this fact, many people spend their lives under the delusion that worldly gifts would bring satisfaction. As if they would never die and meet the day of reckoning, they greedily strive to possess the values pertaining to this world.

Yet this is a great delusion. Nothing possessed in this world can bring true peace and happiness. Only believers who are sincerely devoted to God and who are cognisant of God's mercy, compassion and protection over them can attain the peaceful state of the heart. God grants this relief on the heart of the person who sees the evidences of God's creation and remembers Him at all times. Therefore it is vain to seek for ease or peace and happiness by any other means.


17 / total 35
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