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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 01 November 2011


A9 TV; 1 November 2011

(In response to the question “What does Islam say about communism?”)

Islam does not speak of communism, it speaks of the dajjal [antichrist]. The name of dajjal is communism, insha’Allah.

(Surah Ya Sin, 55-58)

The Companions of the Garden are busy enjoying themselves today,

they and their wives reclining on couches in the shade.

They will have fruits there and whatever they request.

‘Peace!’ A word from a Merciful Lord.”

Look, “whatever they request.” A car if they want a car, a plane if they want a plane, anything to play with or take an interest in, whatever they desire. They just have to think of it and it appears before them that very moment. They are all ready and over and done with in the Sight of Allah, masha’Allah.

There is no such thing as 7000. Our Prophet (pbuh) cites the life span of this world as 7000 years as the beginning of a calendar. For example, we are in 2011. Did the world begin 2011 years ago?  That is just the start of a calendar. The masonic calendar is some 5000 years. The Judaic calendar is also around 5000 years. What does this mean? It is now 1432 in the Hijri calendar. What does that mean? Let there be no misunderstanding here. By referring to 7000 years our Prophet (pbuh) is giving the beginning of a calendar. He is using the calendar employed at that time. “Of these 7000 years, 5600 have passed,” he says. We are left with between Hijri 1400 and 1500. In other words, it ends between the 1980s and 2080s. That is all. In other words the end of the life span of the Islamic community. Otherwise, the Day of Reckoning will be around 2120, insha’Allah. There will be no Muslims left. Nobody to pray. Nobody to talk of Allah. The numbers will be in decline. The decline will begin in 80 years. But Islam will quickly prevail across the world in the coming years, insha’Allah.

People see the light of faith. They see what Muslims are like. That is wonderful, isn’t it? This is the light of the Qur’an, the light of Islam. It is an amazing state of affairs. Look at a man with no light and at a man with it. Allah produces such beauty and luminosity in immaculate people.

What I love, I love truly. With all my heart and soul, with the soul given me by Allah.

Innocence, cleanliness, manners, chastity, class and quality. That is  what Muslims are like. Honest and sincere. And radiant all over, masha’Allah. They drip class and reliability. Anyone seeing them will say, “he is an immaculate person, masha’Allah.” That is how a Muslim must be.

(An answer to the question “Is kohl sunnah [the teaching of our Prophet]?”)

Of course. Our Prophet (pbuh) even used it. My dear ancestor’s eyes were black, his hair and beard were braided. He was tall, with broad shoulders. He had thick arms. If he put you down, you would stay down, masha’Allah. He was a wrestler. Nobody could beat him. He had a very delicate skin, our Prophet (pbuh). But his eyes could literally hypnotize you. Women were particularly taken with our Prophet (pbuh). Every woman who saw him fell in love with him, every woman, masha’Allah. They competed for his attention, masha’Allah. There was no end to the women who wanted to marry him. That is why Almighty Allah says to him in a verse, “After that no other women are halal for you..” But excluding those he already had. My ancestor is now in paradise with his concubines and my mothers, insha’Allah. May Allah allow us to see the lovely luminous face of Muhammad. May He bestow that on all my brothers. May Allah bestow happiness on us all.

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