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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 22 October 2011

A9 TV; October 22nd, 2011


Muslims must be quality people; they must be clean, beautiful and well-groomed. So too the ladies; they will be pure and well-groomed. Young men will be clean and well-groomed. A Muslim with  shabby dress is unacceptable. It is not acceptable for a  Muslim to stink like an animal, to be ignorant, to be unknowledgeable about the world. A Muslim with no manners, who has no general culture, who is unaware of quality and gentleness, who does not know how to talk, who does not like science and arts is most unbecoming. Muslims can not be introverted like animals. A Muslim looking like a dead person is unacceptable. A Muslim must be full of life, well-groomed, beautiful, classy. The most beautiful things in the world will belong to Muslims. The best car, the most beautiful house, the most elegant furniture, the nicest words, the most quality tableware, the best of everything belong to Muslims. An abject model of Muslims is unacceptable. He cannot be stinky. A Muslim can not be stupid, he can not have the appearance of an imbecile . He can not bring shame on him or on anyone else around him. A Muslim will be ardent. He will have good manners, classy and quality. Anyone looking at him will admire him/her and say to himself, “What if I was also a Muslim.” They made people alienate themselves from Muslims. They formed a filthy, scorched structure for Muslims out of the superstitions they made up themselves. They said, “This is Islam.” They made people run away from Islam. They do not come to the essence of Islam. What is the essence of Islam? Love, peace, brotherhood, honesty, sincerity, good intentions, forgiveness, generosity, protecting and taking care of, loving Allah with fervor, having deep fear of Allah. The lawful and the unlawful; there is no limit to what is lawful, but there are only a few unlawful things. They form such an ocean of unlawful things; they claim that there are millions of them.How many unlawfulthings are there?So few that you can count them with your fingers. On the contrary, there is no limit to lawful things. They are so many; unlawful things can be counted by fingers, there are very few unlawful things. They presented Islam in a quite different way. In Europe, they have caused Muslims to be oppressed. They also made Muslims be oppressed in Libya. They ruined them. That fool [Gaddafi] let his face be smashed. He laid the grounds for his face be beaten to death. Those who killed him are also abject. Those reptiles recorded his death on  video. How vulgar, how pitiless an image of a human being they present. Those fools, those filthy men present a false image which says,   “This is how a Muslim is.” They left him in an ocean of blood, look at that ignominy. Do you have the authority to murder a man there? If he surrenders, you can take him and deliver him to the State. Would one beat a man to death? Then they take photographs with the corpse, making the sign of peace with his fingers. The dogs. They attack him like wild dogs and present Muslims as shedders of blood , as persecutors. We struggle to lick these men into shape, Insha'Allah. Those opportunist dogs. At the time, they were currying his favor. They were the lickspittles of Gaddafi; they were fawning around him. They turn to wherever they see the power. In the time when he had power, they were docile like sheep, but when he had weakness they  beat him to death. This is great persecution and immorality. That animal; the man states that he had surrendered; there is law; the law of war. When he surrenders, it is over; you can take him as a captive, that is it. Would one ever beat a person to death? The guy says, “It is a sin, don’t do it.” But they still go on beating him. Then hundreds of them take photos  as if it were heroism. Great persecution and immorality. Both parties commit great persecution.

Love and compassion have not penetrated their souls; love has not penetrated their souls. They are good at hanging down, beating. They want to stink like animals; their women have beards and mustaches, they want women to be unkempt with beards and mustaches; the beards and hair of men, on the other hand, are matted and tangled. They look filthy like stinking badgers; they beat people to death, they are wild, sordid. They have their photos taken showing their yellow, filthy teeth. These animals present Islam to the world in this way. The destruction these people cause is incomparably greater than the destruction caused by the irreligious. Would one ever beat a person to death? The guy says, “I surrender”; what else can he say? May Allah grant guidance and wisdom. These are the portents of being in the End Times; the portents of the system of Mahdi (as). They present Muslims are so pitiless, so cruel. So greedy for money. They say that they will give two billion to anyone who kills, like a bounty hunter.In the past, such “wanted” men existed in American movies. Those who caught someone dead or alive were rewarded; it is the same image.

A Muslim does everything for Allah’s good pleasure. You capture someone only for Allah’s good pleasure, and it happens within the framework of the laws of war. Take him and deliver him to justice. Would one beat a person to death? They drenched him in blood. Is such violence, such persecution possible?We even can not look at the photographs. That fool, that insane [Gaddafi] is also the same. He massacred thousands of Muslims, martyred them. They say, “Why do you speak out against the bigots?”, “Why aren’t you also like them?” For a Muslim, it is unlawful to imitate their filth, their lack of manners, their foolishness. A Muslim is responsible for being wise, full of love, compassionate and affectionate. He is responsible for being just and wise. Would a good person lead the life of such an animal? It is very important to make these fools come to their senses. We are struggling for that, Insha'Allah.

2011-12-05 13:21:57

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