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Our religion is a religion of love and brotherhood

What He Said?What Happened?

Azerbaijan Gazete 525, 27 August 2008

Adnan Oktar:  In 1800s, there was no information, no culture, no research. We are now in the era of Internet. There are books, CDs and people’s minds are wide open. They know a lot and now we merely laugh at those enmities and consider them to be very irrational….If we approach the matters with the mind of 1800s, we can accomplish no results. THE RATIONALE OF THE 1800s WILL DISAPPEAR. WE SHOULD BY NOW ENTER THE BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, UNIFYING RATIONALE OF THE 1800s. Our age is the Golden Age. We are entering an age when the Turkish-Islamic Union will be established and the entire world will live in bliss. Those dark ages have remained in the past; those times of the cold war, the detonation of atom bombs, the extermination of millions of people, prison camps. Such a picture is infamy. We will forget this infamy. This is a shame of the past times, a sin peculiar to them. We are not of the same mind. We believe that they have gone wrong. They have made grave mistakes. 


Adnan Oktar: Whereas love, peace, mental calm, openness and joy lie at the heart of Islam. There is an atmosphere of celebration and friendship. To establish these things among Islamic countries and Turkish states. To establish a Turkish-Islamic Union under the leadership of Turkey and the Turkish states. We want good will and sincerity to rule here, for there to be free, reciprocal investment in industry, science and technology, and for passport and visa requirements to be lifted to that end.

Yeni Asya, 20 July 2011

Our Religion is the Religion of love and peace

Ahl al-Bayt Culture and Solidarity Foundation hosted some Sayyids (people descended from the line of our Prophet (saas)) from Iraq. Iraqi Sayyids told that peace and brotherhood are the requirements of Islamic world and said: “Our religion is a religion of love and brotherhood.

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