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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 March 2012

A9 TV,  March 29th, 2012

(A major Israeli news portal carried Mr. Adnan Oktar’s comments about the terrorist attack on a Jewish school in France)

It is nothing but a total lack of character, morality and honor. Every child born comes into the world with an Islamic human nature. But he ruthlessly and treacherously killed those little children. These people are cowards, people with no character who hide in the shadows. But these children are lovely; little Christian children are really sweet. Or little Muslim children with their skull caps. Yet this animal goes and attacks defenseless children. And then he boasts of his immorality. What is your problem with little children? He describes it as if he had done a great thing. If everyone would spit in the face of such immoral types, they could never do such a thing again.

Saying that stones and trees will tell us to kill Jews. May Allah forbid! Then you kill Christians, and Shiites, and Wahhabis, and Hindus. Until there is nobody left. Just a handful of Sunnis remaining. Then they will kill them because of differences in the Islamic schools they belong to. You can see that in many Islamic schools. They despise everyone apart from their own people. Yet they are all immaculate Muslims. It is a privilege to become one of the followers of the Mahdi (pbuh). You do or you don’t. That is up to Allah. In the same way that bestowing the rank of Mahdi is up to Allah, so is being a follower of the Mahdi (pbuh), or not. So I condemn all such vile, treacherous and cowardly killings. I say that these acts are vile and devoid of character. If anyone wishes to argue, let them say so, and I will very politely respond to them.

Look, they cut Muslims’ fingers off and dry them. How vile is that? What a perverted thing to do! There are plenty of such perverts in the U.S. military. These people are perverts and psychos, classic psychopaths. They have satanism and everything. They go to Afghanistan and throw their weight around. They kick people around and enter their homes. They rape women. They torture some people. Total maniacs, in other words. Then these crazies go and kill themselves. There are a lot of them because they are brought up to be irreligious, atheists, Darwinists and materialists. And that shapes them. Then they go with that crazy mindset and persecute Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever they find them.

They are now raising Muslims as Darwinists. There are so many religious scholars who espouse Darwinism. More than half the teachers who provide religious instruction in universities in Islamic countries are Darwinists. It is like that in the theology faculty in Istanbul. There are a lot of Darwinist teachers. “That is what Allah says,” they say. But in that case, how were the angels created. Or the djinn? How were the houris and concubines created? Were they also created through evolution? But they do not believe that anyway. Put them under pressure, and they will say they do not believe in Allah. There is a weakness of faith, a severe sickness, in the End Times. The main, number one issue is weakness of faith. Constant reinforcement of faith is needed.

The truth is that danger is at the gate when there is no secularism. Muslims are wronged then, too. There are teachers who say, “Secularism must be abolished.” They wear fezzes on their heads. The bigots hit that person on the head with a big stick, so he can no longer think. Yet it is by means of secularism that they are able to thump the pulpit. Do you know what every bigot claims? “What I say is the truth,” they all say. “The whole world must agree with what I say,” they say. “If they do not, we will do what has to be done with swords and sticks and torture.” Each one regards himself as totally perfect. This is a terrible thing.

Allah has provided a fine solution. To follow the way of the Mahdi. To follow the Mahdi (pbuh). That puts an end to all extremes and excesses because nobody will be proud any more. Everyone will be devoted to one person. All the little pharaohs will disappear. Only the Mahdi (pbuh) will be left. An excellent climate of humility. All crazy and impious systems, all these maniacal and psychopathic teachers, all these crazed ways of thinking will all vanish. Everyone will accept it, since it matches the nature of the world. The way of the Mahdi is compatible with the whole world’s human nature. Everyone can live by Islam in comfort under the way of the Mahdi.

Hazrat Muhammad (saas) is the greatest prophet. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) reigned over the world. Does that make the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) superior? In their eyes, the fact that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) rules the world makes him a superior prophet because he says, “The Mahdi (pbuh) cannot do what the Prophet (saas) cannot do.” Hazrat Dhu’lQarnayn  did it, and he was not a prophet. He was the ruler of the world. Our Prophet (saas) himself says that. Does that make him superior to our Prophet (saas)? It has nothing to do with superiority. Allah bestowed that on him. It is Allah Who ruled. Do you see how they misinterpret our Prophet (saas) in order to turn Muslims away from achieving global reign?  

They are trying to turn Muslims against the Prophet (saas). You say you will rule the world. Have you lost your senses? May Allah forbid.  “Our Prophet (saas) did not rule the world in his time, so how can you do what the Prophet failed to do?” they say. People then feel guilt, “May Allah forbid, I had best know my place. I had best strive to ensure that no such thing happens,” they say. How can I do what our Prophet (saas) could not do?” What kind of language and logic is that?

Some people will try to ruin other people. But is it not better to save them? Be kind and polite and try to win them over to Islam. Strive to be an instrument of salvation. But they insist on trying to humiliate others, whereas in fact they are just humiliating themselves. Islamic moral values require that one strive to make a person good, to turn them in the direction of good, so they can find salvation. Otherwise the result is immorality and bad conscience.

(A former head of French Intelligence suggested that Muhammed Merah, killed in an anti-terror operation last week and alleged to be a member of Al Qaeda, was actually an informant for French Intelligence.)

The CIA and European and German intelligence services always support such extremist psychopaths, be it in America or Europe. They protect and watch out for them. They constantly observe them. They turn a blind eye to the offenses they commit. They ignore what goes on. They even encourage it. They sometimes pay them hefty salaries. Then they shoot them like dogs and try to implicate Muslims along with them. They depict Muslims as their leaders. They even portray them as the Mahdi. And some ignorant Muslims go along with them. Then they kill them like dogs and say, “This is what Muslims are like.” That is the impression they try and give. They try to spread the idea of an Islam that consists of people who kill and slaughter, cut people up and carry weapons all the time, that foam at the mouth, that are hostile to art and science and are asocial and maniacal. They thus justify attacking Muslims when such people are around. They are currently preparing people for a global killing of Muslims. The way of the dajjal is currently preparing public opinion for that. They are creating and supporting vast numbers of extremists.

If something is unlawful, it will always harm the body and soul. It will genuinely be destructive. Gambling is unlawful because of its harmful and destructive effects.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Are one-day marriages permissible in Islam?”)

That means asking a woman to marry you for one day, and then to go on her way. I do not care if she falls ill or suffers or is degraded, you are saying. What kind of love is that? You just want to enjoy her body. For your own filthy pleasure. If she agrees, then you are both ruined. She ceases to be a woman, and you are not human. You have become an animal, devoid of any value. Because when one loves a person with passion, one feels sympathy and compassion for them and wants to protect and watch over them for all their lives. The most important thing of all is to want to be together for all time in the hereafter. It is only meaningful if you love like that. The other way is terrible. You are treating her like an animal. Allah will always punish such a character in people. He always makes them deformed in some way. Then they become sexual perverts.

Woman is a blessed and sacred being. She is to be loved with passion as a manifestation of Allah. One must love and protect and watch over her all her life. She is entrusted to you by Allah. You cannot enjoy a woman just for lust. You must enjoy her passion, enjoy her as a manifestation of Allah and feel compassion for her. You must delight in protecting and watching over her. You must enjoy her joy and goodness and beauty. You must delight in her loyalty and devotion, and, above all, her religious piety. That is the way. But such relations for an hour or two is prostitution and just disgusting. That is why Allah makes such men and women weak. Allah takes away their strength. They lose their sexual powers and grow cold. Allah dries them up inside, as a punishment. Believers are very strong. Allah creates them to be strong, both men and women because they love one another with faith and passion, as manifestations of Allah. Allah bestows that strength as a miracle, a marvel.

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