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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 27 May 2012


A9 TV, 27 May 2012

Surat az-Zukhruf, verse 48

Almighty Allah Says to the people of Pharaoh:  “We showed them no Sign which was not greater than the one before it.” Every miracle is greater than the ones that went before it. Allah says that he worked an even greater miracle on each and every occasion. We seized them with punishment so that hopefully they would turn back.” but they did not turn back. That is why, as a nation, as a society, one must be bound to love with a sincere love. If you take Allah away from the world, or the world away from Allah, the result is ruin. Allah is a single whole. One must use the whole world together with Allah, in other words. If you try to use the world without Allah, the world will assault you. It will attack you with an economic crisis, it will depress you and cause you to commit suicide, or your health will be impaired. You will suffer, and everything will become meaningless. Look, the Turkish prime Minister tells people to have more children. There is also a hadith of our Prophet (saas): “Marry and multiply; because the large numbers of the Ummah on the Day of Reckoning will be a source of praise for me.” But people think twice before having children now. “How will I be able to look after them?” People cannot look after themselves, neither materially nor psychologically. Everywhere is full of traps and tribulations. One cannot step outside. Someone who cannot go out unaccompanied himself will say it will be impossible for his children to go out, too. I am having a very bad time, so I had better not have children and inflict the same misery on them, people say. This mutual hatred has to be eliminated for one thing. Once that hatred goes, the burden on the courts will be eased. How many court files are there now? A million? That number would fall to 100. If we had human love, if we had forgiveness and compassion and affection; Otherwise, there will be no end to the tribulations. Everyone is taking everyone else to court at the moment. In many places. We can see that in many people. Hatred is unrestrained.


Pain develops in the soul when there is no love of Allah. But if everyone, society as a whole, were to cling tightly to Allah and loved Him very much, brotherhood, love, affection and compassion would follow immediately. Worldly “isms,” such as communism, fascism and capitalism, would disappear and everyone could live easier. Governments are trying to find a solution using technical means. But they cannot resolve it technically. The public vote governments out, and one scourge just replaces another. Economic troubles follow. It is vitally important to tell people about loving Allah with great fervor. Everyone knows. Economists also know. The reason for this economic crisis ls lack of love of Allah.

I was thinking. There are no artists. I turn on the TV and just see sketches. There are no more theatrical plays. The music you hear today is not really any good. They cannot make fine clothes any more. There has been a huge spiritual collapse. That stems from a deficient love of Allah. Scientists feel no need to do research. They must try to add a very, very tiny bit to what already exists. They cannot make any major discoveries. People’s minds and bodies also seem to have decayed.

Look at the governments of the world. They are all helpless. Take President Obama. U.S. presidents used to be very dignified and impressive. But whoever gets in now is pretty feeble because America has collapsed economically and there is a raging storm of self-destruction. The U.S. Army is literally dissolving away. America sees a large number of suicides every day! People are unable to bear the pain inflicted by irreligion and thus take their own lives. They are still holding out against becoming Muslims. They are still refusing to submit to Allah .

 The world thinks that living without Allah is easy. They think there will be no repercussions. But godlessness ruins you. The troubles will drive you crazy. If you do not submit to Allah, if society does not submit to Allah, then you will suffer as if you were in hell. But it would be like paradise if everyone were to submit to Allah.

 (I was speaking to a Marxist, and he said, “I am a Marxist, but not an atheist. I believe in Allah. But nobody can come between Allah and me.” How is that possible?)

All right, of course nobody can come between you. There is a well-known law, such a thing is forbidden. A Muslim has an obligation to call you to Allah, the Qur’an and Islam. That is a religious obligation. That idea of coming between you and Allah is demagoguery that was thought up subsequently. It is an irrelevant term dreamed up by satan in order to stop people preaching and Islam spreading across the world. “There is no need for intermediaries?” What does no need for intermediaries mean? Allah sends guides. He sends scholars. He praises scholars in the Qur’an. “Should they not forbid the evil?” He says. “Should they not speak the truth?” He says. But He says that He destroys countries when people do not do that. That causes a huge scourge. If you say, “I do not want any intermediaries,” you are effectively saying, “I reject that verse of the Qur’an.” They are not intermediaries. They are messengers. They reveal Allah’s commandment to you, insha’Allah.

Surat az-Zukhruf 57,59-60

When an example is made of the son of Mary [Jesus] your people laugh uproariously.” Almighty Allah says that people regard Jesus the Messiah as a fit subject for mockery. He is only a slave on whom We bestowed Our blessing and whom We made an example for the tribe of Israel. If We wished We could appoint angels in exchange for you to succeed you on the Earth.

In other words, do not expect an angel, Almighty Allah is saying. “If you were angels, you would inherit, but you are human beings. Since you are human beings, a human being who will succeed you will be coming,” He says.

You look at an electrical socket. Allah manifests Himself in that. You put the plug in, and the fan starts working. You put the plug in and the heater goes on. Two little holes. You put two little bits of metal in the plug. Allah manifests Himself there. What has the electricity got to do with it? It is entirely a natural cause. There is a piece of metal we refer to as a faucet. Allah creates water there. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) produced water from a rock. It is exactly the same kind of miracle. The prophet Moses (pbuh) produced water from rock, whereas in this case it comes from iron. From a reservoir. These are natural causes.

I looked in the mirror. A tiny mirror. Allah produces an image from all directions. It is alive. Like a television screen. The mirror is alive. Allah, Allah! There is movement everywhere. Turn it in another direction and Allah produced another image. There is a glorious manifestation in the mirror. Masha’Allah. Everything is alive. We get up in the morning. Allah washes me right away. He begins feeding me. He prepares various plates full of food. In the same way they asked the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) to send a table from the sky. Allah sent one down. He uses people as His instruments. People imagine things come from factories, or from somewhere. Bread comes from the bakery. But not at all. It is created at that moment. It is created by Allah. Allah feeds things to us morsel by morsel. Bit by bit. He gives us that feeling of fullness and then you are full. But Allah also bestows scourges and sicknesses among all these beauties. That is the secret of the test. And here we must beseech Allah, saying; “O Lord, teach me the full secret of the test and let me not stumble, O Lord. Keep me from skepticism.” You may have a thousand doubts. That will ruin you, May Allah forbid. If Allah chooses, a person may find himself buried under the world. Ruined.

I was praying the other day. “O Lord,” I said. “Cause Islam to reign across the world.” But, when Islam comes to reign across the world, the test will come to an end, may Allah forbid. So there will be no more meaning in remaining in this world. That is why Almighty Allah speaks of seven or nine years after Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) comes to reign over the world. He will keep Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) here for nine years at most. He will then immediately raise him to His side because it will be over. There will be nothing left to do. If there is a gift to be made, that is paradise, not this world.

That is why they ask, “Where is Hazrat Mahdi?” Once the global reign has been established, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will die after seven or nine years. The delay will involve extensive merit. A most glorious struggle will have been waged. That is why we must not be uneasy at his coming being delayed. But some foolish people say, “Ah, he is late. So he will not be coming at all. So these hopes are all empty, and we have been deceived.” One verse says that they will say, “The Prophet (our Prophet (saas)_ inspired vain hopes in us, his hopes were all vain.” Then they look and see themselves being brought down in the wake of that reign. That is why we have at least another 10 years to go. Years of troubles and difficulties. The reign will come after that. We will become acquainted with Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) in 10 to12 years.

People may have doubts and think that they will prevent the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) by taking him from his mother and father and hiding them from people. “He has a mother and a father,” they will say. “But they do not say so, so people will think he is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).” Or they may say, “This person has lost his memory; he most probably has a mother and a father, but he cannot remember them.” So there will be no room left for free will. He himself cannot remember, but he has enormous faith and intelligence. He has a most excellent conscience. Allah says, "He will teach him the Book and Wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel,” (Surat Al-‘Imran, 48) Which book? The Qur’an. Allah will teach him the Qur’an and its wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel, the wisdom of all three books but the main part of concern to us is the formation of the system of the Mahdi. From what I can see, the system of the Mahdi is making progress, it is making amazing progress.

(In response to an e-mail from a viewer saying, “This secret of matter has been revealed for the first time in human history, including the prophets, in these, the End Times because even the prophets have some fears and sorrows in the Qur’an.”  )

We are tested. Every prophet is also tested. I do not only see this about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the Qur’an; it also applies to our own Prophet (saas). He is human and feels sorrow, excitement and fear. He is also tested.  Of course there is no detailed description of the essence of matter of the kind I provide. Yes, that is true; but Allah hides it for the best of reasons. We can see clearly from the hadiths that the Companions Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Umar were aware of it. They knew. But our Prophet (saas) only told people who could cope with it, insha’Allah.

(In response to a viewer who asks: “Could you have spoken with Hazrat Hidhir? Or have you ever wondered whether some person or other might be Hazrat Hidhir? Do you have any memories of Hazrat Hidhir?”)

Hazrat Hidhir (pbuh) approaches matters very cleverly. He shapes matters very cleverly. One can never sense his presence. Nothing obvious ever happens. You imagine him to be a normal person. You speak normally with him. You talk as friends. But one of these people you know is Hazrat Hidhir (pbuh). The others do not know he is. Nor do others who join the group. They all imagine he is a normal person. But the person they imagine him to be is actually sitting at home. Hazrat Hidhir (pbuh) has assumed his appearance. He comes in that way. He talks and leaves. Hazrat Hidhir (pbuh) is visible, but in an unusual way.


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