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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 2 July 2012


A9 TV, July 2nd 2012

It is astonishing that the number of beautiful people on earth has decreased. Something has happened to this world. There used to be very beautiful people around. Now it is very rare that you come across a beautiful person. That is weird, something has happened to people. Most of the people are very dirty and bad, they have really dark countenances. Their manners are bad too; they are loveless, egotistical and selfish. I find faithless, loveless people very repulsive. They appear to me as if they are dirty animals. I find them to be very bad. Yet faithful people are very beautiful, loving people are very beautiful. 

Lovelessness is astonishingly widespread. However the most important demand Almighty Allah has upon us while sending us here, is love. To love Allah, to love people, to love animals, plants, to love everything that is beautiful and to be pleased by them.. The real goal in the Heaven is love anyway. You love the people there, you love the children of the Heaven, the houris, you love Muslims.. There would be no meaning to Heaven if there is no love left. Without love, religion would disappear. Love is the fundamental characteristic, the main characteristic of religion. Those people brought egotism instead of love and with egotism the brain will die, it means that you die. Without love you would turn into animals, you would become a loathsome pile of flesh and nothing else. Lovelessness is a grave disaster. The system of the dajjal (antichrist) Darwinism has given this to the world. 

Today on one of the television channels they were showing underwater fishermen. Young men fishing under the sea. That is underwater fishing. There was a most dangerous implication in that man's words. He said; "hunting is an instinct in the soul of a man and by fishing here we are satisfying that urge." Do you know what this means? He means to say; "We have an instinct to kill and we are satisfying that instinct by killing fish, that is the most powerful instinct that we have." You have thus dived into the wildest, most dangerous, most gruesome aspect of Darwinism that has been used by the terrorists. I have no such feeling. I would be very much uncomfortable with that. Neither do the people around me have such instincts. You have no idea where your words would go. There is no such instinct. That is an instinct of an animal. Allah makes that instinct an instrument in their being fed. In his subconscious, man hates to kill. He would be horrified. For instance the Prophet Moses (pbuh) accidentally kills a person and he suffers greatly. Allah says; "I have saved you from an intense suffering." An intense suffering.. It gives him pain to accidentally kill a person. A Muslim would be horrified even by the apprehension of such a thing. He wouldn't even have the heart to hurt a bird or a butterfly. Where do you come up with that suggestion to say that people have such an instinct? 

("You emphasize that men should be able to have a control on their urges, on their wills.")

That is correct! Otherwise he would -may Allah forbid- go and attempt to rape his own mother. A man becomes a man with faith. His sister might be wandering around with indecent clothes inside the house, his mother might be very well groomed as well. He would only be looking at them with compassion, affection and mercy; nothing of the sort would ever come across his mind. A man is not an animal, he would of course be using his mind. All those women you see as beautiful have their brothers, fathers at their homes. Aren't they all men? All those women you say that are wearing obscene clothes, all those you see as the most beautiful, the most attractive, have fathers and brothers. Would anything of the sort ever come across their minds? It would, only if they are perverts and that is how incest relations occur. But if one fears Allah, nothing of the sort would ever happen. And there would be nothing that could be called "using will power". Would a person be using his will power to keep away from his daughter? It wouldn't even cross his mind. That means a man acts with his faith and reason. 

(You've said that "men can be tempting for women as well".)

Of course, women's sexuality is very strong. Women's sexuality is far stronger than men's. A woman could be highly aroused when she looks at a man. But if she wills so she would use her will power, her mind. You would be in a reasonable way of looking at things with the perspective of a Muslim. These can happen with will power, with the power of mind.

Some people constantly say; "let us put all women under covers." Now in a world dominated by men they have fixated on this. When a man's fancy is compared with a woman's, we would see that many women would have a far stronger fancy than a man's but with her faith, with her wisdom, with her comprehension she remains on a reasonable, wise line. She takes faith as a basis for herself. 

("So if you were there with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) you would also be telling him about mind and so, and tell him not to be effected." May Allah forbid Astagfirullah)

The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) is a prophet, we can only be his disciples. He acts on revelation but of course we can say the judgment of the Qur'an to everyone, everywhere, yet we do not have to say anything to the Prophets. A Prophet would know anyway. Prophets are the ones who teach us, insha'Allah. [I seek refuge with Allah from the satan] "He (Joseph) said, ´My Lord, the prison is preferable to me than what they call on me to do. Unless You turn their guile away from me, it may well be that I will fall for them and so become a man of ignorance'."  Here women attempt to rape. And he seeks refuge with Allah. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) escapes from them but they are very strong and powerful and one grabs his shirt and tears it off from behind and locks the door. The women there are not only one or two, there are many women. They might attempt to force him for sexual intercourse. That is what he means there. He refrains from them using force on him. He seeks refuge with Allah. Or else he doesn't say "I am weak, I have a weak will power". Look, in the verse Allah says; "he had seen the Clear Proof of his Lord" and refrained. And you say that he is not in control of himself. That is religiously unlawful. What you have said there is wrong. You are misunderstanding the Qur'an. 

(In response to a viewer's message saying; "In the lyrics of a song it says "live your life here and do not mind the life in the Hereafter." What is the judgment on listening to songs with such lyrics?") 

Now if one doesn't believe in life in the Hereafter, it wouldn't be possible for such a person to live life anyway. I mean if you are going to vanish off the face of this world like a worthless bug, if you believe that you will vanish off the face of this world, then you would be devastated anyway. How could you be able to do samba at that moment? How will you be able to commit to a loved one? How will you be able to feel love for the blessings of this world? You would be ruined. Your brain, your psyche, your soul would collapse. You would go mad. What does vanishing mean? You love a woman very much. You believe that she will vanish off. How about yourself? You will vanish off as well. One might do all kinds of evils and would never give account of what he did. That is a gruesome environment. May Allah forbid. You are talking about a nightmare. Dying is a blessing. It is good that he dies. You would be giving him the sharpest way of devastation, you would be giving him the greatest pain. Under such conditions even if you put the most beautiful blessings in front of him, he wouldn't be able to "live his life" because of the terror and torment he is in. 

Surat An-Nur 31st verse:

[I seek refuge with Allah from the satan] "Say to the mumin women that they should lower their eyes and guard their private parts and not display their adornments — except for what normally shows — and draw their coverings across their breasts." Where is the word head covering in this verse?  Allah says in a verse; "Who could do greater wrong than someone who invents lies against Allah" Allah says; "Do not say about what your lying tongues describe: ´This is halal and this is haram,´ inventing lies against Allah." Allah says; " And among them is a party twisting (the words of) the Book with their tongues (during their reading in order to distort its meaning), so that you may suppose it part of the Book, when it is not part of the Book." Allah says; "What is the matter with you? On what basis do you judge?" He says;  " do you have a Book which you study?" Allah says; "When they are told, ´Follow what Allah has sent down to you,´ They say, ´We are following what we found our fathers doing.´ What, even though their fathers did not understand a thing and were not guided!"

That is why you need to be honest about this point. There is no word relating to a headscarf here in the Qur'an. Allah says "covers". He says; ".. draw their coverings across their breasts." He tells the women to cover their breasts. "They should only display their adornments to their husbands.. " That is whole of their adornments, Allah doesn't say some of their adornments. Does a woman hides her adornments from her husband? No. ".. or their fathers or their husbands´ fathers, or their sons or their husbands´ sons or their brothers or their brothers´ sons or their sisters´ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire .." .. those  who have no sexual organ, who have lost their sexual drive, those who have no manhood, who have lost their sexual power.. "male attendants," those are eunuch attendants. ".. or children who still have no awareness of women´s private parts. " Children who have no information about sexuality. 

Some people are unable to love even if they want to. Allah has taken love out of their hearts, they have no such power. When he cannot love, he goes mad, he loses his ability to love. There is a beautiful being right in front of his eyes but he is blind to that. He cannot see it and that drives him mad.  

2012-08-20 22:54:24

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