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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 8 July 2012


A9 TV, July 8th, 2012

(Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi said that Egypt with her president, government, people and with all her institutions will stand by the Palestinian people until they attain their legal rights and that he will use all his energy to this end.  Hosni Mubarak  gave struggle for years and did not open the Rafah border crossing. It has been decided to keep the Rafah Border crossing, in the south of Gazza, open permanently in the coming period.)

That border crossing should always be kept open, anything to the contrary is a grave vulgarity. The other man [Hosni Mubarak] is immoral. There are about a handful of wretched Palestinian Muslims. Let them pass by, they have needs, that might be food, that might be medicine. Why should you close that crossing? Look at how Allah has scourged him. Allah is scourging all the dajjals (antichrists) nowadays. They are all going one by one. Allah strangulates dajjals one by one. Allah has strangled  that dajjal as well. In the End Times many dajjals will appear. Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) strangles  this one and then that one. And all are anonymous. For instance look, his cause of death is unknown, they are just talking  about it as a story. They are all found strangulated. All pharaohs, all dajjals –the pharaohs of the age- are being strangled  one by one by Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). All those villains, all pharaohs, all the nimrods that are against the system of the Mahdi, that are the enemies of the Mahdi (pbuh), that are enemies of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and act deviously with ignominious methods definitely receive the necessary response from Hazrat Khidr (pbuh), insha'Allah.

(In response to a viewer's mail asking ;"Could you please explain what apprehension means more elaborately?")

Get up and dance, what else would you do? Why do you address apprehensions? Just do your thing and have fun. Are you such a fool as to be the object of apprehension? Being the object of apprehension is nothing but idiocy. It is a astonishing. You have everything, you are in good form, your health is okay, be happy, jump up and down. How nice it is that Allah gave you health and welfare. He gave you blessings and beauty.


Hadith of our Prophet (saas):

Abu Qatada (ra) related; "A funeral procession has passed by. The Messenger of Allah (saas) commanded; "He attained rest as well as others attaining rest from him." Upon this people around him asked; " O the Messenger of Allah, who is the one attaining rest and who are those attaining rest from him; what does this mean?" 

The Messenger of Allah (saas) said:

"When a Muslim servant dies, he is saved from the wearniness and aches of this world. When a pervert, a dajjal dies, the servants, all land, trees and animals are saved from him." [Bukhari, Riqaq 42; Muslim, Cenaiz 61, (950); Muvatta, Cenaiz 54, (1, 241, 242); Nasâî, Cenaiz 48, 49, (4, 48).]

So that means such creatures may be animals and even trees, and they might be in a certain land, and the Muslim servants will thus be saved from them. With the body of that microbe is knocked down like a rotten log, the whole community of Mohammed (saas) will be relieved with that.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) came to the people of  Pharaoh. Even though  Pharaoh understood that he was the Mahdi (the savior), his evilness made him, that villain,  resist with all his might. The Prophet Moses (pobuh) showed them miracles, these are explicit portents. The man says, "Okay, I really am convinced," and then goes berserk all over again. Moses displays other signs, his being the savior becomes clear, but pharaoh still denies this. Then he accepts again, and then denies it again. In the end, Allah drowns him. Allah kills him in the sea. And finally he says; "I believe that there is no god but Him in whom the tribe of Israel believe. I am one of the Muslims."  And Allah says; "Only now?" All the Pharaohs, all the dajjals will eventually accept Mahdi (pbuh), at the very last minute; but that will not be acceptable. That is because his last breath came to his throat, he will not return. 

(There had been an attack on a church in Kenya and 15 people were  killed. After this bloody attack, Muslim leaders in Kenya offered to protect Christians on Sundays when Christians go to churches. Christian leaders in Kenya said that their relations with Muslims in Kenya are very good, but all these massacres are done by the militants of the pro- Al Qaida organization Al Shabab infiltrating into Kenya from Somalia.)

Look, bigots are a thorn in the flesh everywhere, as you see. We are drawing attention to the bigots night and day, to these despicable microbes. These are the second horn of the dajjal (antichrist). There is corruption and sedition all over the world. Because of these people, the global reign of Islam has been delayed a hundred years, but of course Allah makes them instrumental. Mahdi (pbuh) is to come in any case. Almighty Allah doesn't allow anything otherwise. In the Torah, Allah says, "First the spirit of the Mahdi (pbuh) has been created and then the whole universe is created." Of course there is no "before" and "after" in the Sight of Allah, this is only for people to understand, insha'Allah. That is because Almighty Allah is timeless. 


2012-08-31 22:56:36

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