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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 August 2012


A9 TV, August 24th, 2012

They lay down numerous conditions. No way. You get to have the book of Allah in your hands and read it. You get to kiss it. You get to touch it to your face. You place it under your head. Allah’s book is like bread. Don’t be insane. Don’t make people keep their distance from the Qur’an. Everybody can open it and read it as he wishes. But if his hands are dirty, he wouldn’t eat when his hands are dirty, would he? Of course your hands should be clean. He puts the Qur’an into a cover and hangs it onto the wall. He says, “I cannot sleep if the Qur’an is hung up there”, “I cannot go to bed” says he. What is the solution? Not keeping any Qur’an at home. Their reasoning has become so strange. It is astonishing. Is it respecting or attacking  the Qur’an? What kind of a respect is it? He can’t go to bed, he can’t sleep, he can’t have fun, and he claims he is supposed to be standing up. It is supposed to be on a high level, on a remote place, inside its case. They dust it once in every three or four months.  This is not right. You should live with the Qur’an side by side. It stays on your pillow, at your bedside. You read it in the morning as soon as you wake up. You read it before you go to bed. You read it as you have your breakfast. Satan tries numerous ways to keep people away from the Qur’an. And satan does this in the name of Allah. Look, in a verse it is stated “...do not let the Deluder delude you concerning Allah”   Satan deludes them concerning Allah. They don’t use their intellect; they think they are doing a good thing. They become content when a woman cannot touch the Qur’an. “Oh, you are so pious” they say. They are happy when youngsters cannot touch the Qur’an. They say, “We can’t understand it if we read it anyway. We can’t understand it even 40 years later” and Allah says, “Mushrikun (those who associate partners with Allah) do not understand”, “Believers do understand”. “Only those who have piety can understand” Allah says, “We gave them understanding” says our Lord, insha'Allah.    

 (At the outside of Empire State building in America, two people lost their lives as a result of a fight between two people. Panic occurred in the building as it was first thought to be a terrorist attack)

Such events will take place mostly in the Middle East. In America, there will not be many incidents, maybe only a few. The reason is violence occurs in the places of significance; the places where the system of Mahdi will be lived, the places of the union of Islam. If you look carefully, focus  on the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, those regions where Islam will prevail. In fact, the origin of disasters is resistance to the system of Mahdi. That’s the reason. The one who does not resist  the system of Mahdi, he will succeed. Those who resist  the system of Mahdi, they will fail, let me say it. Don’t say you didn’t hear it. The system of Mahdi will progress with strong steps.

(Anders Behring Breivik, the fascist who killed 77 people in Norway, was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment after the medical report confirming his mental sanity. According to Norwegian Laws, this is the heaviest punishment one could be sentenced to. However, the punishment will be prolonged if he is considered to be a threat to the society.)

 He murdered so many people. If they don’t believe it, then what other evidence you can show them, how can you convince them? He is insane, he is not normal. It is not valid that some people consider him normal. A sane person wouldn’t do what he has done. He acted like a maniac, this means he is insane. If he goes is released from prison, he will act psychopathically again. He should be monitored very carefully. He looks like a very dangerous one. He should be kept in a restricted area. Otherwise it would be very risky.

(The Chief of General Staff of Iran has changed his former statements and stated that Turkey is a friend and supporter of Iran.)

They need to act quickly and form the union of Islam. They need to eradicate separation of Shi'a and Sunni, follow Hz. Mahdi (as), be part of the union of Islam, and stop listening to the bigots; then everything will be sorted out once and for all.

2012-10-14 17:31:01

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