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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's inetrview on 26 August 2012


A9 TV, August 26th, 2012

“Is capitalism right for you?” It’s like a “pick a way to die” statement. Why do we have to choose capitalism? There is Islam, the Union of Islam. There is the age of bliss. When the union of Islam is established, the best social justice, the best   environment of peace and love will prevail.

(New president of France François Hollande will be including Armenian holocaust claims in school books as of September 4th. Thus, French youngsters will learn what is claimed to happened in 1915 as a “historical fact” he says, not as “a claim”.)

It was a state of war then. Some of our Armenian brothers died at that time and also a lot of Muslim Turkish people have been martyred. We know this from scientific documents through research. That era should stay as an era in the past. It would be wrong to make it today’s agenda and cause enmity and rage again. We forgive them, so they should close the matter as well. All these conflicts happened in Turkey. A horrible disaster took place then. Our Armenian brothers were provoked by fascists and terrible events occurred.  Wherever we dig in the southeast region, we stumble upon the bones of our children, the Muslim Turkish martyrs. The southeast is filled with our martyrs’ bones. There are bones of our martyrs everywhere. Those blessed bones were explained scientifically so many times. The degree of carnage has been shown. But they don’t seem to understand; they try to do things after their own heart; maybe they think “we can get some votes out of it”. Shame on them. Armenians are our brothers. We will unite with Armenia, with Azerbaijan, with Israel. We will establish a great Turkish-Islamic Union. We will also unite with Russia and bring about justice, beauty, righteousness and equality to the world. They forcefully try to make us enemies to Armenians and make Armenians enemies to us. These efforts are futile, they try in vain.

There is some kind of dirt on phony women, immoral women, and unscrupulous women. They are repulsive. They are quarrelsome, envious, immoral, crooked, stinky people. Allah made them stinky inside and outside. They are meant to be with stinky, dreadful men and dreadful men are meant to be with them. They insult them, and they are insulted, they abuse each other, it is like microbe wars that eat up each other. Two kinds of microbes pestering one another that is. Both sides destroy each other. The beauty of believers is a blessing, is pleasantness. It is seen as manifestation of Allah.

 (About Israel’s announcement to hit Iran before November 6th and Israel’s taking measures regarding it.)

Where are they going to hit? Iran is vast. The nuclear plants are located underground. If they hit the nuclear plant, Iran will not be affected by it because they don’t have such a claim. What then will they do? They will react desperately. Blood will be shed for nothing. Nothing will come out of it. We have said “no”  here, we explained our view. No positive outcome will be gained out of such an attack, but only disaster. However, the communist regime in Iran should be overthrown. That is right. They are spoiled, ill-mannered and ignorant people. Let Muslims be in power, let the people  be in power, not the communists. They deceived people that Islam would prevail, but they brought communism. They played with the Iranian people. Then they built an  autocratic regime, they built despotism. It is a communist autocracy. Now they have been bullying others around the region.

2012-10-14 17:36:01

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