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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 September 2012


A9 TV,  September 14th, 2012

(Mr. Adnan Oktar responds to questions from Iran’s Fars news agency)

How did you reach the conclusion that Iran is a Darwinist, Materialist state? If that were so, Mr. Adnan Oktar’s books would not be translated and published here. In addition, were that the case, I would have rectified the matter through my own agency, and I am sure I would have stopped it. Please send documentation.

All right. He can take middle school high school and university biology text books for one thing. He will see how seriously and comprehensively both Darwinism and Materialism are treated. Two, is there a single institute or school or organization or activity directed against Darwinism and Materialism in Iran? No. Even the books written by ayatollahs are Darwinist. Religious works are Darwinist. I can point to them as documentation. Has there been any activity against Darwinism in Iran? Has there been a single museum or scientific meeting talking about the false nature of Darwinism? Has there been a single meeting in Iran against Darwinism in the last 30, 40 or 50 years? Has there been a single scientific activity. Has one single scientific work been written? Does the state provide any such encouragement? If our brother sincerely looks at these, he will realize quite comprehensively that Iran should also engage in activities against Darwinism and Materialism in foreign countries because since it is an Islamic state, and independent, it needs to make its presence felt. Has Iran ever done such a thing? Does it intend to? No, and it never will. Darwinism dominates all Islamic countries. Right. Moving on to Islamic Unity. Has there ever been a single declaration, statement or text calling on Shiites, Alawites, Sunnis and Wahhabis to be united? No. Their language appears to laugh at people when it comes to the Mahdi. Things like his “entering homes in the form of light, and image, or as sound”. So the impression given is that there is no need to await the Mahdi (pbuh). This is a terrible situation. I do not think my brother can correct this on his own, but insha’Allah, he can take some steps. He would earn merit from that.

(In 2006, Science Magazine described how evolution is taught in Iranian schools, how there are chapters about evolution in textbooks and how exhibitions discussing evolution have been held in the Iranian Museum of Natural History.)

Let us send a copy of Science Magazine 2006 to this friend of ours. But there is no need for that; he can look at any high school textbook in Iran. Take any high school biology textbook in Turkey and you will see how Darwinism is discussed at great length. The state is saying, “Allah did not create. There is no Allah. It happened spontaneously, by chance.” And that is how it is in Iran. And in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. And in Libya and Egypt and all of them. Religious scholars in Egypt were amazed when I stood up to oppose Darwinism. I spoke to them here, through people from the embassy; “Let us open up a museum in Iran at once.” They have no such intention. Then I realized that the regime is Darwinist and Materialist. They totally refuse. If anyone has heard them ever talk about Islamic Unity, let him come here and tell me. Let them show me one scholar or statement calling for Wahhabis, Sunnis and Shiites to be united or calling for Islamic Unity. If they say, “The Mahdi (pbuh) will appear as a human being born to a mother and a father, and Islam will rule the world,” then I would like to hear it.

The mullahs talk about the Mahdi (pbuh) being long-lived in terms of a mutation arising in his DNA. In other words, in terms of his living for thousands of years. They describe the Mahdi (pbuh) as the final stage of evolution. They are trying to be very clever and imagine that they can, in this way, bring the Mahdi (pbuh) within the scope of Darwinism. But this is so dishonest. And the more I explain things, the more their tricks are and will continue to be thwarted.

Reza Davari,  head of the Iranian Academy of Sciences, says that “Science is secular.” What he means is, “Science is irreligious.” But Einstein says there can be no science without religion, and that you cannot have an irreligious scientist.

A terrible error and abnormality is tearing the Islamic world apart. The Fars News Agency is one of the main sources of news for Iranian intelligence, and it is learning about the abnormality and error in Iran, and its miserable state and collapse, from me.

 (In response to a viewer who asks, “Why do you dance?”)

The Prophet David (pbuh) dances in the Torah. They even envied him. A woman envied his dancing. Dance and music are some of the beauties of paradise. You want to deprive Muslims of dance, and music, and art and science. You want to divide Muslims into sects and set them against one another. You will say there is no Mahdi and that there are millions or 300 years until the Day of Reckoning or you will say the Mahdi has come and gone. You will say there will be no Islamic Unity in this century, no Mahdi, and you will smother Muslims like that. You imagine, in you bigoted eyes, that you can thus do away with Muslims altogether. But I have thwarted that little plan. 1 Samuel 17: 42 says, “He looked David over and saw that he was little more than a boy, glowing with health and handsome, and he despised him.” (In response to a viewer who asks, “How should one answer those who say the Qur’an is sufficient and who reject the hadiths?”)

Our Prophet (saas) is the prophet who interprets the Qur’an. If our Prophet (saas) could not interpret the Qur’an (may Allah forbid.), how should I respond to someone who say, “I can interpret the Qur’an best”? Our Prophet (saas) is the person who interprets the Qur’an for us and who also gives us knowledge from the mind of Allah, by His leave. Allah says that He will give secret knowledge to the prophets. And He has done so. What He said has come true. People can deny it all they like. But what does that denial change?

One can preach everywhere. In a magazine article or in an economic journal. One can preach in the streets or in night clubs or in mosques. Anywhere containing people is a potential location for preaching. You think that beaches are full of the people of hell, don’t you? You regard them all as accursed, as the armies of shaytan, don’t you? May Allah forbid. But I regard them as fine, radiant young people, as luminous Muslims. Prostitutes even came to Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). People came from all over and he embraced them all and treated them with love. Masons can come, and Templars, and communists and atheists, or satanists, and I will embrace them all.

Nobody in the world has fought and demolished atheistic Freemasonry in the way I have. Nobody in the history of Freemasonry. My books are on display in Masonic museums as written by the most powerful anti-Masonic writer. They are the most effective in the world. There is nobody else. If anyone says there is, let them produce him. Nobody has demolished atheistic Freemasonry with comprehensive and scientific evidence in the same way I have. But I am a supporter of religious Freemasonry. I am in favor of the Freemasonry that is friendly to Islam. I praise that. And by Allah’s leave, I have brought it back to life. Through a miracle, insha’Allah. By our Lord’s leave. I am always on the side of a Freemasonry that prays and loves Islam. I am always on the side of a Freemasonry that follows Hazrat Khidhir (pbuh), let me underline that. I always support a Freemason that follows Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

They asked, and we have handed out copies of the Qur’an to all the Lodges, alhamdulillah. Prayers are performed in the Lodges. All the Freemasons who came here prayed. That is something that has never been seen before. Freemasons praying in Turkey. That has never happened in any country in the history of Freemasonry. This is the first time they have prayed in a country they have come to.

I will support all sincere Freemasons who love Allah and support Him and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) right down to the wire. They will always be honored. And I will always support Jews and Christians who love Allah. Muslims who love Allah, be they Alawites, Bektashis or whatever, are the jewels in our crown, insha’Allah.

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