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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 October 2012)


( The Deputy of Justice and Peace Congregation in The Vatican made an audience watch a seven-minute video against Islam in Sinodo. In his speech, he said that immigration of Muslims to Europe must be banned, that in the year 2026 Muslims will be in the majority in Europe and furthermore France will turn out to be an Islamic country. The spokesman of the Pope made a declaration criticising such a discourse and stating that this video that was shown to the audience was  inaccurate.)

In fact, according to their own mindset, some people consider this to be right. Some, on the other hand, think otherwise but they also could not understand what to do, for they look at the real Islam and see that it is really beautiful. They look at the bigots, on the other hand, and see that they are really psychopaths. So they don’t know what to do.


(It is alleged that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki had a meeting with  two senior people in the PKK and should they back the Syrian regime, Baghdad will also be ready to provide all sorts of aid to the PKK.)

There is a need to talk in private and convince them. Talking to him in private is very important. For instance, they can invite Assad to Turkey. They can say to him, “You can come and proceed as a Prime Minister with your family. Let’s make a change in the government.” That is it. “Let democracy come and pursue a policy that will unite Syria with Turkey.”


2012-11-20 10:29:45

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