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As the entire world is witnessing the damages brought by radicalism and bigotry, people come to grasp the true nature of Islam and that every beautiful thing belongs to Islam. Of course, the beauties of Islam and how morals of religion are opposed to bigotry cannot be explained in a brief article. 
However the actual goal of every believer should be to introduce Islam in a way other than the bigots did till now, because every freedom of true Islam is within democratic boundaries. Islam does not in any way take away others’ rights and indeed Islam is the perfect religion in which people can live all the freedoms of the human soul and can take pleasure from them. Therefore the ones who embrace the morals of the Qur’an use their minds to the utmost level and apply arts and science in the best manner.
Islam is a way of living that encompasses human morality and relations in the best possible way, makes people most comfortable, with peace, justice, security, brotherhood, love to the utmost and helps people live in the best  and  the most comfortable way. And Allah created people’s character in line with Islam. Under normal circumstances, Allah could have created difficulties as a test. We would live our religion under very difficult circumstances. We would comply with this and we would be thankful. We would accept this test Allah created in the life of this world and we would strive to gain Allah’s mercy. Allah reveals in the Qur’an that He will make us successful in what is easy: “We will ease you to the Easy Way.” (Surah A'la: 8)
To live Islam is to live what is easy. As Allah revealed in the Qur’an, Islam is easy as the religion of our ancestor Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) religion. Everyone knows that Islam is the religion of ease: “… He has selected you and not placed any constraint upon you in the observance of your religion—the religion of your forefather Abraham…” (Surat al-Hajj: 78)
On the contrary, bigots have their own way of living opposed to the ease in Islam. According to these bigots, you will not laugh, talk, listen to music, dance, look, eat, drink or become rich in any way. For example a person earns money and becomes rich. This is a crime according to the bigots. You will not earn money. If you earn money, that is a crime. If you laugh, that is a crime. If you laugh less, that is also a crime and if you laugh too much that is even a bigger crime. If you listen to music, that is a crime. If you pass across and see a work of art, that is also a crime. There is nothing that is not a crime. Even breathing air is a crime according to bigots. They have made everything a crime. Even reading the Qur’an without their interpretation is a crime. 
They have made reading the message of Allah, from which we can learn our religion and all the details of good morality, and of which we are responsible for in the hereafter, a crime. And this is a great responsibility in the sight of Allah.
Therefore, telling people of the true nature of Islam in this period is really important. In order for all people to turn to Islam, to learn that human character is compatible with Islam and to accept Islam in peace and ease of heart, telling people the truth of Islam that is in line with the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) is very important.
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