Evolution Hoax

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 1 December 2012)


ON DECEMBER 21ST, THE AGE OF AQUARIUS COMES TO REIGN, THE REIGN OF THE SYSTEM OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS). THAT IS TO SAY, THE WORLD WILL ENTER THAT SPIRITUAL ELECTROMAGNETIC REGION. THE ELECTROMAGNETIC REGION OF THE ANTI-CHRIST LIFTS OFF. IT IS REPLACED WITH THE ELECTROMAGNETIC REGION OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS). You will start to feel it. You will see this. That is, you will feel it in your bodies, in your soul. You will feel it from midnight onwards. That is to say, the negative energy of the anti-Christ will come to an end. The spiritual realm of the Age of Aquarius, the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will reign throughout the world. Allah will manifest Himself with His name, “Hadi”. There is an attribute of Allah that misguides them. It will no longer manifest itself. Instead of it, the name “Hadi” will reign, insha’Allah.



2013-01-31 12:24:17

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