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Turkey is the hero of Middle East

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Patronlar Dünyası, 13 October 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is proceeding towards Turkic-Islamic Union. Our spiritual values will grow even stronger; we will also grow stronger in economic terms. We will become the superpower of the region. Then, neither the Kurdish problem, nor Armenia problem, nor Israel problem will remain.  All of them will be eradicated insha’Allah. Iraq will be under Turkey’s control, insha’Allah. Syria and Azerbaijan will also be under the control of Turkey. In other words, Turkey will be the elder brother of the region in moral terms. Turkey will morally become their elder brother and undertake a moral responsibility to secure stability, peace and security to the region.  Being an elder brother has been Turkey’s attribute. EVER SINCE THE TIMES OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, TURKEY HAS BEEN THE ELDER BROTHER AND PROVIDED PEACE AND SECURITY TO THE REGION.
However this time, it will be excellent. It will be perfect. It will be nice and benevolent, insha’Allah

Kordon TV, July 27- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is required to use its influence, act as an elder brother, even become a leader to all Islam countries in Middle East. Turkey should  become an influential leader.Turkey is a country where wise, sincere, conscientious people exist. It has a perfect army. An army consisted of conscientious  soldiers who are very meticulous. They are very well educated soldiers. And the Turkish Army is loved by every country. Wherever they go, people feel love for them.  They, for instance, go to Iraq, people there love them. They go to Bosnia, people there again love them. In Somalia; again people show love to them. They are respected everywhere. They are loved and respected in Afghanistan as well. There is an actual state here. THIS MEANS THAT THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST, THE ISLAMIC WORLD LOVES TURKISH ARMY AND THE TURKISH NATION. THUS THEY WANT TURKS TO BE THEIR ELDER BROTHER. So, Turkey needs to step in at this stage and introduce a spiritual leader througout Islamic and Turkic countries so that he can fullfill this duty as the elder

Habertürk, June  27- 2010

Your Are The Hero of Middle East

Author Kenize Murad, the granddaughter of the Ottoman dynasty, said:

Turkey is the only  hero of Middle East

Author Kenize Murad, descendant of Ottoman dynasty said: “Turkey is the apple of the eye of Middle East because Europe has grown old. 10 years ago, I got surprised to hear Turkey’s demand to enter EU but now I actually tell this in the strongest way.

2010-08-04 22:41:04

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