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Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi's assignee Sheikh Ahmet Yasin talks about the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)


Sheikh Nazım Al-Qubrusı’s Assignee Sheikh Ahmet Yasin talks about the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) September 17th 2010

Allah has bestowed great blessings on us, let us all pull ourselves together.  Let us pull ourselves together. That individual, through the words of the blessed Gavs of the Sheikh period back then; Hazrat Gavs used to say; “it is not the time for religious orders, that period is over. We are only protecting the believers”. Those blessed individuals, even though people have assumed that Hazrat Mohammed Rashid was the Mahdi, that blessed one personally had said “yes I am one of the sons of the Messenger, I am a Sayyid but I am not the Mahdi”. “That is because the Mahdi will come in the End Times, we are preparing soldiers, commenders for him”, he used to say. We are only preversing what is already there. Previously the religious sects were schools for training  awliya (saints), tell me now how many people are being raised, even the raised ones are being spoilt, they yield to their lower selves. We are in the End Times, there are many people who have directly seen Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in flesh and bones.

The Mahdi (pbuh) is alive and is performing his duty most perfectly. He has stifled the rebellion, the disobedience towards Allah, he has demolished them through intellectual struggle, he has trampled on Darwinism, he has gone through all laws of nature. He surfaced all intellectual evidence which would make every one without fail believe that there is The Creator of the Universe. Those are very big services.

 Now this is only the time or his appearance, the time fort he manifestation of his existence. I mean think about a person, a person is not a doctor at the time of his birth, he is not a lawyer, he is not a professor at the time of his birth, he was a baby like everyone else, the Prophet too was a baby, then he became a child and played in the streets like everyone else.  The Mahdi (pbuh) is like that as well, later on he has attended the primary school, secondary school,  highschool and university like you, like me. He has attended to school as much as he could, as much as Allah predestinated. In spiritual sciences the Almighty Allah will equip him in a night with endless knowledge; with Ilm al-Ladun (the secret knowledge). The Mahdi (pbuh) will not know Arabic that is his specialty. These are all defined in the hadiths. Our master, the Messenger of Allah said: ..”he will be from me, he is my son but he doesn’t spear my language.”  He ony speaks a little, he listends a little and understands a little, everyone knows that much. These are all signs, the hadiths are sound. He reached maturity; our Messenger of Allah became the Prophet only after forty years old as well. He, as he reached maturity, had been subjected to many oppressions, he had served time in prison and then came out. He stil is going on with his service, the people beside him are first quality people, they are all men of intellect.

I have been telling you for so long, there has been a long time since the bullet has left the barrel, it is about to reach the target. Do you assume that all those things in the world are goign on their own? Without the Will of Allah, not even a leave will move on the earth; do you assume that the unification of the Turkic states, the advancement of the Turkish Islamic Union, states and their formation are small issues?

All the things are developing step by step, it is about to be concluded.  Where is your place in this service? May Almighty Allah enable us to see and perceive our shortcomings and become one of those in the army of the Mahdi (pbuh) as soon as possible. That is because some of our brothers, I am addressing them with our Master Hazrat Bediuzzaman Said-i Nursi’s words, “let me give them a signal so that they awaken”.

The soldiers of the Mahdi (pbuh) are working like and they are continuing to do so, May Allah SWT bestow all of us the honor of being by their side, may He will us to be one of those servants being honored with that service. Insha’Allah.

2010-09-29 15:29:13

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