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One step further on the way to the Turkish Islamic Union

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The Gulf Today, November 2, 2008

Adnan Oktar:  With the aid of the Turkish Union that will form through merging of Turkish states under the leadership of Turkey, Turkish Islamic Union will be formed insha’Allah. This will occur in Turkey’s leadership, as a matter of fact we are heading in this direction one step at a time. In fact, the ideal thing will be for Turkey to act as leader. Every nation state will be separate, but there will be a spiritual union, insha’Allah, like the European Union. Passports and visas will not be required, countries will be able to trade freely with one another, they will exchange goods and be like brothers. The first phase, insha’Allah for this to happen will be with Azerbaijan. And with Syria from the Islamic countries. Azerbaijan is both a Turkic and an Islamic country. Syria is our Muslim brother. We will unite with Syria, insha’Allah. These will be the first steps. It will be a process of consecutive stages. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be established and up and running within the next 10-15 years, insha’Allah..  That has been a duty assigned to Turkey for a very long time now. We have seen that under all administrations. Turkey has always effectively assumed the leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world. It has made this felt everywhere. It has shown its position as elder brother, either directly or indirectly. In any given dispute Turkey steps in. Turkey got involved in the formation of the Caucasian Alliance, for example. Turkey acts as mediator when disputes arise between other countries. Turkish leadership is clearly visible, whether it be the natural gas pipeline project, the oil pipeline project or other projects. Turkey is doing all this without issuing an official statement, and this will continue and develop still further. TURKEY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY  DISPLAYS ITS DUTY AS THE ELDER BROTHER NEAR AND FAR. 

Baghdad TV, March 2- 2008

ADNAN OKTAR:InshaAllah we have the idea of a great Islamic Union. Along the lines of a Turkish Islamic Union. We have an idea regarding the Muslim world being the greatest superpower. It will unify the whole Islamic world and the whole Turkish world UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, BROTHERHOOD AND GUIDANCE. The Turkish world is in any case made up of Muslims, I am merely saying that for reasons of clarity. In other words, it means that an Islamic Union will emerge at the same time. We believe that this unification will bring with it peace, plenty and prosperity. We think that wars will end, and that the money now spent on wars will instead be spent in ways beneficial to mankind. And we believe that the time for this is at hand.Our fundamental belief, however, is that the Turkish Islamic Union will come about with the appearance in the End Times of the blessed Mahdi (as)…

Yeni Şafak, October 20- 2010

Excerpt from Hakan Albayrak’s articled dated October 20, 2010:

Turkey established “High Level Quartette Cooperation Council” with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. With this initiative Turkey rapidly expands the scope of economic integration which we hope will also bring about political integration.

The foreign ministers of Turkey and Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman) prepared a joint action plan for free trade. Meanwhile joint workshop groups are established for trade, investment, agriculture and food security, transportation, energy, culture, tourism, education and environment sectors. The target is to complete the works in six months time and to sign the free trade agreement in May. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that also preparations are being made for the North African countries. Meanwhile signing a high level strategic cooperation agreement similar to the one signed with Iraq and Syria is planned to be signed also with Egypt. The signing ceremony may take place in November. Meanwhileefforts are continuing to melt the ice between Iraq and Syria and to convert the Turkey-Iraq and Turkey-Syria strategic cooperation into a triple strategic cooperation mechanism.

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