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The birth of the New Middle East

What He Said?What Happened?

Press Conference, March 8,2008

Press: You have spoken of a political system based on Islamic Union, could you expand on that? How will that system be built? How will it be integrated into today’s international system? Could you expand?

ADNAN OKTAR:Let me explainthat system. For one thing every state will be an independent state within the system. Turkey will still be Turkey, Azerbaijan will still be Azerbaijan, Turkestan will still be Turkestan, everycountrywill be separate.  This is a union of hearts, a union of love. IT IS A UNION OF AFFECTION, AN IDEA BASED ON HUMAN LOVE, THAT COOPERATES AGAINST TERROR AND VIOLENCE, THAT COOPERATES ON ECONOMIC REGENERATION that stresses altruism and generosity, and keeps love of Allah atthe foremost.


Abu Dhabi TV, February 19-2009

Adnan Oktar: Syria wants to unite with Turkey, and Iraq wants too. And if Syria and Iraq want it, so will everyone else. Azerbaijan and Armenia want to unite with Turkey.Georgia wants to. So what else is left? There will be a union that includes them all, LITHUANIA, ARMENIA, GEORGIA, AZERBAIJAN, KRYGYZSTAN, TURKMENISTAN, EAST TURKESTAN, AS FAR AS LIBYA. A Turkish-Islamic Union will emerge that includes all the coastal countries of Africa and the interior.Turkey already has previous experience from the Ottoman Empire, and this time the mistakes of the Ottomans will not be repeated. Historic errors were made during Ottoman times, and they will not be made again. But the perfect aspects of the Ottoman Empire will be taken on board. Its flawed and deficient aspects will not be included, and a prefect union will be established.


Yeni Safak, October 19,2010

The Birth of the New Middle East

From Ibrahim Karagül's article dated October 19 2010:

1- The relations among Turkey, Iraq and Syria are getting closer. One needs to remember the inclusive agreements made among close neighbors last year.

2- Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon:  Free trade agreement is concluded among these four countries.

3- Gulf countries: Until May there will also be a free trade agreement among these countries.
North African countries: Agreements are made with Libya; in the near future steps will be taken to sign agreements among other countries and groups.

4- While these four groups are getting closer and the scopes of cooperation are expanded, the relations among these groups will be established. The puzzle will be completed and the map will be complete. In one sense new Middle East equation, relations and network will be shaped. With free trade agreements there will be a kind of collaboration led by economic relations between Turkey and Basra; Red Sea and North Africa..

2010-12-13 22:21:40

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